Did Glanville made Pit Barrel Cooker in the first Go?

The Pit Barrel Cooker Company is located in Ky just outside of Louisville. Founded in 2010, the seven-person company produces barrel-shaped vertical barbecues, also known as the drum or smoking stoves. They use a “hook and hang” technique, which allows food to be cooked from all sides rather than from a single heat source, as is the case with a traditional horizontal grill. In kitchens, drops of fat flavor the smoke without the need for wood chips.

Temperatures compared to traditional grills, most foods can be prepared in less time. Glanville says ribs only take 2.5 hours, and a whole chicken takes just under 3 hours to be ready to serve. Glanville, a former Navy member, always enjoyed outdoor cooking and found that once back in the United States, he wanted to use the stress management and leadership skills he had learned during his enlistment and deployment in Afghanistan and Iraq. The result was the creation of the Pit Barrel Cooker Company, whose first products entered the market in 2011. As the Pit Barrel Cooker was a somewhat new concept for cooking.

Did Glanville made Pit Barrel Cooker in the first Go?

Glanville says there were no hotplates on the market. a rigorous prototyping and testing process. “The process of trial and error while we refined our prototypes was quite tasty,” says Glanville. “We ate a lot of chicken, ribs and burgers along the way.” Together with his wife Amber, vice president of the Pit Barrel Cooker Company, Glanville made 29 prototypes to find the optimal combination of factors that would lead to the best tasting food possible. Empty Kegs Outside Pit Barrel Cooker Company Warehouse Empty Kegs Outside Pit Barrel Cooker Company Warehouse.

This, however, included more than just a sample of the favorites from the tailgate. They started by testing drums of different sizes with different suction and ventilation systems, as airflow affects temperature consistency, which is essential for evenly cooked meats. And since the amount of airflow also affects the size of the fire inside the barrel, different coal baskets and fuel sources had to be tested to ensure that the ventilation process and the size of the fuel source. The heat was perfectly optimized. Field tests of the most promising prototypes followed to make sure they worked in a variety of elements, but Glanville says what was even more important than the environment was the altitude, as that can also affect the airflow.

Is Pit Barrel Handcrafted?

Once the correct design was finalized – a process that took about six months – Glanville and his team handcrafted each stove. They assembled and packaged several thousand stoves before moving to an international manufacturing facility in early 2017. Vice President Amber Glanville (right) prepares the stoves by hand Vice President Amber Glanville (right) prepares handmade stoves.

What Does Glanville think of Amazon?

Glanville says customers find their business through their targeted digital marketing strategy or sometimes through their physical partners, but never on Amazon. That’s because they stopped selling on Amazon in early 2018 after he said he had come to two realizations: first, that Amazon was ultimately forcing companies to compete on price, and second, that selling through Amazon made it difficult to build relationships with customers and provide high-quality customer service. He thinks the stoves are already reasonably priced at $ 299 and doesn’t want to compromise on quality to afford the price. “Ultimately, the concessions needed to work with these outlets have a negative impact on the consumer,” he says, “so we decided to move away from these channels.”

Despite the fact that Amazon was one of the larger sales channels, Glanville believes that having more control over the sales process is a fair compromise that will pay off in the long run for the company. So far, this has worked for the Pit Barrel Cooker Company. While they certainly have their share of clients who are professional chefs or show chefs, most of their clients are home cooks who take their stove to camp or tailgating. Gross sales in 2014, their fourth year of operation, topped $ 2 million and more than doubled to $ 5.5 million in 2018.

When did Pit Barrel Junior Take Place?

This allowed them to both hire additional staff and to develop new products. Because there has been such interest in on-the-go cookers. They are introducing the Pit Barrel Junior in February, a more compact cooker that will be even easier to transport. Going forward, Glanville also plans to continue supporting military causes. Currently, donate a percentage of the sales of any kitchen purchased by active duty or former military, police or firefighters to charities that support veterans and first res ponders. Glanville says he has already made tens of thousands of donations to several charities, including the National Fallen Firefighter.

Pros and Cons of Pit Barrel Cooker


Large cooking capacity thanks to its vertical hanging system.

Perfect for beginners as it uses a set and forgets the temperature style.

It is possible to achieve constant temperatures thanks to its hermetic construction.

Offers replaceable grids, making it a versatile tool.

Does not require water pots.

Durable construction.

Good performance even at high altitude.


Less control over temperature with a variation of around 50 degrees.

You may need a wireless thermometer to keep the temperature under control.

Need to reach a level low enough in the barrel to flip food on the grill.

Key Features:

  • 35 Gallon Pit Barrel Cooker Capacity Steel Drum Design
  • Vertical Barrel Position Design and Even Cooking with the HookNHang Method
  • Versatile grilling options with heavy-duty grill as an alternative to meat hooks Stainless steel hooks and rods for hanging heart Heavy-duty basket for Charcoal.
  • 3 Point barrel holder with horseshoe pattern Pit BBQ Rub
  • Other useful accessories
  • Portability

The Pit Barrel Cooker set comes with the following accessories:

30-gallon steel lid.

8kg stainless steel hooks two steel hanging rods.

Charcoal basket Grate Grid Wooden hook detacher 4 7 times.

Pit Barrell Cooker Recipes.

All-purpose rub 77 oz of beef and game.

Value for money

With a standard price, the Pit Barrel Cooker set is a great value product. You can find Pit Barrell Cooker Amazon too:

  • A wide range of Features and Accessories.
  • One-year Warranty.
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance.

makes it far better than most grills and pans available on the market. On average, similar products cost over a thousand dollars, and the Pit Barrel Cooker Package is undoubtedly reasonable at less than a third of that price!Check out more on the link for Pit Barrel Cooker Review.