Rent a Car in Dubai for your Occasion – Some Tips to avoid Inconvenience

Rent a motorhome or a car for an adventure trip, explore the holiday in dubai with a long-term rental car or rental car for your business trip. Let us explain what you need to consider when booking and how you can avoid additional costs. To Rent a Car in Dubai on your vacations, rent a moving van or go on a weekend trip in a rented convertible. What you should consider when booking the rental vehicle, where additional costs are lurking and who is paying for damage to the rental car. Follow these tips for renting cars in Dubai for your traveling or business trips.

Book a Rental Car – Some Important Tips

Take your time to choose the best and suitable car for you. Go for your dream cars as plenty of options for super cars and luxury cars are available in Dubai. Always Book a car rental Dubai with your own checklist. But also keep in your mind followings:

Compare Prices – Ask about extra costs for, for example, one-way rental or rental at the airport.

Specify age when Booking – Many car rental companies in Dubai require a minimum age for the driver, maybe 18 years, sometimes there is a maximum age, maybe 60 years.

Read first, then sign: Get the general terms and conditions (rental conditions) and read them through before you sign. The rental contract is only concluded when you sign it at the website or counter of the company.

Take out fully comprehensive insurance – Pay attention to the amount of the deductible . The scope of sum is to be per the rental agreement.

Adhere to the agreed rental period – If you return the car too late or too early, there is a risk of additional payments.

Avoid additional Costs, keep an Eye On

Supplementary insurance – In the case of damage to the car, some rental car agents reimburse the excess of the comprehensive insurance (so-called tariff with reimbursement). The local car rental company may also offer you additional insurance. Be careful not to double-cover it.

Fuel charges – Before beginning your journey, clarify whether or not you’ve got to come back to the car with a full tank. Be careful with those car rental providers who do not want to provide any information about fueling before the booking.

Car rental companies in different counties and states often charge excessive fuel charges if the car is not returned with a full tank. Some providers even let their customers pay for the tank filling in upfront at an inflated price.

Checklist for pick-up and Safe Return – Examine the rental car before you start your journey and have the landlord record all previous damage. This will secure you from being liable for previous damages.

Go through the a checklist before starting your Journey – Check and record the condition of the car in the presence of an employee when it is returned. Make sure that you get the credit card receipt or deposit back when you return the vehicle.

Tip – Return the car during the opening hours of the rental company and at the agreed rental car station. Take a photo of the car at the time of return if you park the vehicle at the rental company outside of the opening hours. Dubious providers often charge alleged damage later.

Damage to the Rental Car – Who pays what?

In the event of an accident, always notify the police and the rental car station.

If you culpably cause an accident as a tenant , the motor vehicle liability insurance pays the damage to the opponent’s car. Comprehensive insurance pays for harm to the rental vehicle if you’ve got taken out one. As the tenant, you are then liable up to the amount of the agreed deductible .

Note – In line with several terms and conditions, the deductible is due now though the tenant wasn’t chargeable for the accident or harm. This is especially true abroad. In such cases, the renting car holder will only be paid the amount once the opposing liability insurance company has paid.

Unexplained damage on Return

When renting in Dubai, the tenant is only liable for damage that he is responsible for himself. The landlord must prove this culpability . If the cause of the damage cannot be clarified, the tenant does not have to be responsible for the damage. The same applies to rockfall and game damage. Clauses in the handover protocol, according to which missing parts or damage are to be borne by the tenant, are not permitted under UAE law.

Tip – If you are to pay for damage for which you were not responsible, describe as precisely as possible why the damage could not have been caused by you.