What you get with Solar Window Tint Installations?

The floor-to-ceiling glass windows are a hit in modern and contemporary architecture and home planning alike. In addition to the apparent boost in aesthetics, they offer abundant natural light, picturesque views, and sliding window options that act as a wall and window. While your homes get an aesthetic boost with transparent windows, it can also raise your energy and utility bills significantly. Harsh sun rays cause glare, damage the skin, and lead to furniture fading. Solar window tints installation are an excellent way to turn your residential and commercial properties into sustainable homes. Glass windows improve energy consumption compared to metal or wooden windows, primarily when combined with solar window tint installations.

However, the disadvantages of glass windows, such as overheated rooms and furniture fading, can be mitigated using solar window tint installation. If you are exploring the advantages of solar window tinting and wondering if residential or commercial is worth the investment, book an appointment with the leading window film experts in Orlando, Tint By Masters.

There are many residential window tinting options available in the market, and solar window films are just one of the many services Tint By Masters specializes in. Let us learn the need for residential window tinting, how solar window films work and why it is crucial to choose professional tinting services.

What is Residential Window Tinting?

Residing window film tinting is used extensively, especially in homes located in hotter regions, to reduce sunlight exposure, UV light damage and provide better solar control. However, if sun exposure isn’t a problem for you, other forms of residential window tinting, such as privacy and security window film installations, can be excellent for your needs.

Decorative window films have had a different fan base used by people who wish to enhance their curb appeal. With the latest advancements in the field of tinting, residential window tint installations can help you save serious money while adding strength and durability to your glass windows and protecting them from burglary or damage caused by storms and other forms of natural disasters.

Residential window tint installation provides privacy, improves safety and security, reduces glare, and protects against UV rays and heat. Solar window tint installations offer all these benefits and more.

Solar Window Tint Installations

Solar window films offer solar control blocking excessive heat and harsh UV rays. You may argue that using traditional window treatments such as blind or high duty curtains is as practical and more cost-effective as solar window tint installations; they don’t necessarily work in hot and arid climates.

Solar films block 99% of harmful UV rays without hampering the number of natural sunlight homeowners are exposed to. Solar window tint installations are reflective films that successfully protect your residential or commercial properties against fading and excessive heat entrapment by reflecting harmful UV rays, heat, and glare.

Are Solar Window Tint Installations worth the Investment?

Compared to traditional window treatments such as blinds, residential tinting is expensive, but with good reason. In contrast, you can always get a DIY window tinting kit and have a go at it; going by an expert’s recommendation, professionally installed window tint installations last longer.

The cost of professional window tinting depends on the type of film you choose and the application fee. The cost of window tint films can range from $2 to $100 per square foot, with solar films fitting in the range of $8 to $14. The installation fee can vary from $5 to $10 per square foot.

Before considering window tint installations, contact your window manufacturer and check if they have a clause that causes your warranty to lapse in case of tinting. Most window manufacturers discourage window tinting as it may hamper the strength and stability of glass windows. However, most windows manufactured these days are ideal for window tint installation.

What you get with Solar Window Tint Installations?

1. Utility and Energy Savings

Solar window tint installations are an excellent solution for the damage caused by overexposure to sun rays causing frequent remodeling of your homes.

Investing in solar window tint installations can cut back your utility bills by keeping your home cold in summers and warm in winters and eliminating any warm or hot spots.

2. Heating and Cooling Equipments

Solar window tint installations are passive heating and cooling techniques that turn out to be less expensive than using a central heating system or a furnace. Solar installations can reduce and even eliminate the need for artificial heating or cooling systems.

3. Emissions

Traditionally generated electricity is convenient, but shifting towards active and passive solar energy through solar window tint installations can help in carbon footprint reduction. Solar electricity and heating systems produce zero emissions leading to minor to no environmental impact compared to wind and hydroelectric power.

4. Resale

Besides the energy-saving benefits solar window installations offer, it also makes your home more attractive to potential buyers. It increases the value of your real estate property, enabling you to command a premium from environmentally conscious buyers due to the financial and ecological benefits of solar window tint installations.

Parting Words

With the rise in awareness promoting sustainable living, now is the best time to make your residential and commercial properties environmentally friendly and sustainable. Investing in solar window tint installations can help you cut back on your utility bills, keep your home cool and improve the stability of your windows.

Book an appointment with Tint By Masters today to learn more about window tint installation options, and please share your queries and experiences with us in the comments section below.