How to reduce Cholesterol level? – Foods that lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol act like a slow poison in our body. High Cholesterol means more chance of heart & blood vessel related diseases. Unit of Cholesterol are measured in milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL). Below 200 mg/dL is the normal level of Cholesterol. Above 200 mg/dL to below 240 mg/dL is an indication to high level Cholesterol. Above 240 mg/dL is dangerous. To control your Cholesterol level do checking once in 2 year. In case you found your Cholesterol level is above 200 mg/dL start treatment immediately. Proper treatment & control in regular diets can reduce Cholesterol level. In this session let us share few effective tips about “How to reduce Cholesterol?”.

Reduce Saturated Fats

Reduce intake of foods rich with saturated fats. Avoid butter, red meat & poultry. In place of normal fish choose Omega-3 rich fish (Salmon, Sardines & Tuna).

Replace Mustard Oil in Kitchen

Ignore mustard oil in your kitchen. Use Cholesterol free Sun Flower oil. It’s more better if you use Olive oil for cooking. Olive oil is rich with vitamin E & fatty acid. It helps to control Cholesterol level.

Dietary Fiber

Increase the intake of Beans, Oats, Peas, Lentils & Soya products. These foods are rich with dietary fiber & protective nutrients. To protect our heart protective nutrients helps better. Dietary fiber actively work to reduce Cholesterol level.

Fruits & Vegetables

With your regular diets add more Fruits & Vegetables those are rich with vitamin C (lemons, oranges, grapes, strawberries, cranberry, mango, cabbage & broccoli) & beta-carotene (pumpkin, carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach & all dark yellow fruits). Fruits & vegetables are having antioxidant formula. Antioxidant formula with vitamin C & beta-carotene protects our heart from stroke.

Garlic & Onion

While cooking add garlic & onion. Regular intake of Garlic & Onion controls Cholesterol level.

Soluble Fiber

Eat more Fiber & Protein rich foods. It is proofed more soluble fiber helps to reduce Cholesterol level in our body. Few of the Fiber rich foods are Oat bran, Barley, Yams, Potatoes & Sweet potatoes.

Do Regular Exercise

Loss weight as much as can possible. Do regular exercise, join a GYM or do Yoga’s. Exercise helps to destroy Fats. Low fat means low Cholesterol.

Avoid Salt (NaCL)

Avoid salt intake as less as can possible. Salt (NaCL) contains sodium. Sodium is not good for High Blood Pressure. Sodium in blood increases more fluid volume. In the result your heart pump harder to move that excess volume throughout the body. With your regular diet don’t take more then 2,300 mg sodium per day.