Does Green Coffee Bean helps to Lose Weight and High BP?

Anyone who loves coffee can smell refreshment just by hearing its name. No doubt coffee is loved by most of us, and why not? It’s worth human love. It pulls out the tired human inside you and makes you active. But does coffee has another purpose to serve? Nature is beautiful, and the things coming out of it are most of the time healthy in their natural form, and green coffee beans are one such example. Besides sprinkling refreshment in your mood, it has much more to add.

What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Without disturbing its natural form, the unroasted form of coffee is natural green coffee beans. You might have always seen coffee beans brown in color, but that is green coffee roasted to brown. Coffee, when roasted, loses some of the vital components that are plentiful when unroasted such as chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acids fight free radicals in the body and lower blood pressure.

The magic benefit green coffee bean offers is weight loss. Kathy Shattler, RDN tells the bioactive ingredients found naturally such as caffeine and chlorogenic acid works by boosting resting metabolic rate, increasing the heat production in the body which ultimately leads to weight loss.

The chlorogenic acid is known to lower the absorption of glucose that is actually involved in reducing weight. Besides, it is rich in monosaccharides, fatty acids, phenolic acids, vitamins, alkaloids, free amino acids, proteins, lipids, sterols, and polysaccharides.

They are a potent source that can help you lose weight. Do note that when not taken in moderation, it can lead to:

  • Frequent urination
  • Restlessness
  • Sleep problems
  • Upset stomach
  • Anxiety

Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Are you all pumped up to lose weight? Go for natural things, just like your daily cup of green coffee. As you might be unaware of its potential power, you are about to explore the green coffee bean extract benefits.

1. Boosts Fat Burning

It indulges in breaking down the stored fat in the body. As referred in many medical blogs, green coffee bean extract powder in moderation can boost fat burning process, improve metabolism, and thus give you significant weight loss results. It helps reduce the bad cholesterol levels and break down the fat cells. When you have a low level of fat and bad cholesterol, it has a good impact on your general health.

2. Improve your Mood

A shot of green coffee bean extract can lift your mood up. It has a soothing effect on your mind, lowering your stress level. It is also known to improve psychomotor function as it triggers the release of the feel-good hormone known as dopamine. When you are enjoying the tasty brew of coffee, the caffeine content in the coffee obstructs its reabsorption in the body. When your body feels tired or lazy, you can brew yourself a cup of green coffee without sugar to feel refreshed.

3. Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Hypertension is on the rise, and most people are suffering from it. Green coffee beans have the solution to this problem. You can get 60 mg- 140 mg chlorogenic acid from green coffee beans extracts. It will help you maintain your blood pressure if you suffer from it. The point here to keep in mind is that it will not only be the magic potion, to get this magic potion to work for you, you need to shift your lifestyle choices.

4. Features Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Coffee beans are bursting out with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. The fact explained by Harvard Health makes this theory about coffee strong that polyphenols in coffee and the flavonols in cocoa are thought to have anti-inflammatory properties. It helps the body get rid of the free radicals that cause severe health conditions like cancer. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties can help treat many other chronic conditions. But make sure you don’t exceed your daily coffee limits; it can also harm your health.

5. Weight Loss and Green Coffee Bean

Green coffee beans and weight loss indeed go hand in hand. If you want to lose weight, you can pick green coffee beans as your go-to drink. It will prove beneficial for your health as it is nutrients rich and helps combat some chronic diseases. It is to be remembered that if you take it in higher doses daily, it can somewhat interfere with your health. The key here is to take it for 4 to 12 weeks, give a break of fifteen days, and then resume it further to harness its full benefits for weight loss.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot of controversy in the air about the benefits of green coffee beans benefits. Still, the fact is, it truly is beneficial for your health. Taking 60 mg-140 mg of chlorogenic acid from the coffee can help you lose weight faster. The caffeine content remains the same in green and black roasted coffee, you have to keep in mind to take it in moderation so that it doesn’t interfere with your daily life. It can be your key to weight loss if you consume it in the right amount.