Live Long and Healthy with regular intake of Apple Cider Vinegar

We all familiar with the old saying as eating one apple a day keeps the doctor at bay. This is also true with apple cider vinegar which long been known to have plenty health benefits. For centuries, people make vinegar through fermentation from plenty a material such as fruits, sorghum, date, berries, coconut, beer, beets, grains, and much more. However, vinegar from apple cider is the best for having amounts of health benefits. Apple cider vinegar has been used as a folk remedy for centuries which is believed to be able cured lots of health problems from warts to diabetes.

Even though science has not proved the health claims related to apple cider vinegar use, but the tonic remains popular for various purposes from beauty, health, and homemaking. Here are the health benefits of apple cider vinegar as the folk wisdom backed.

Lower Cholesterol in blood

The worlds’ highest cause of death is a cardiovascular disease such as stroke and heart disease. There are plenty biological factors which are linked to increased or decreased risk of this disease. Apple cider vinegar is proven to decrease the cholesterol level. Well, the studies are all done on rat but it shows that apple cider vinegar lowers the triglyceride and cholesterol level. Apple cider vinegar also contains chlorogenic acid which is an antioxidant to protect the oxidation of LDL cholesterol particles. There are also other studies showing that apple cider vinegar promotes lower blood pressure. There should be more research done on a human in relation to the benefits of apple cider vinegar to lower the blood pressure.

Promotes healthy digestion system

There are some foods which not quite get along with our stomach. This leads to indigestion and stomach upset. If you think you have stomach upset of indigestion, you can drink a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar which mixed with a small glass of warm water and a teaspoon of honey. Drink the potion for about 30 minutes before having a meal. Apple cider vinegar contains antibiotic properties to kill the possible bacteria infection in the digestion system. It also contains pectin which is a water-soluble fiber that beneficial to promote bowel movements and soothe intestinal spasms. Even though this is not a science-based treatment, but this home-based remedy works like magic.

Aids in weight loss

Apple cider vinegar aids in weight loss. Here is the fact: apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid to suppress the appetite, reduce the water retention, and increase the metabolism. Scientists also believe it interferes with the digestion of starch, meaning fewer calories entering the bloodstream. This helps you eat fewer calories and further lead to actual pounds shed on the scale. Combine the consumption of apple cider vinegar with high carbohydrate meals will increase the feeling of fullness and makes you eat fewer calories for the entire day. Reducing the calorie intake, it should mean weight reducing from time to time. However, for maximal results of weight losing, you still need to conduct healthy diet and regular exercise.

Apple Cider Vinegar for healthy hair

Other than health benefits, apple cider vinegar is a great source for healthy hair. It is a natural toner acts as a home remedy to get rid of dandruff. Apple cider vinegar is high in acid and helps to change the pH in the scalp which makes it hard for fungus and yeast to grow. To fight dandruff, you can mix ¼ cup of water and ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar and put in spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the scalp and cover the head with a towel and leave it for 15 minutes or more, then was the hair as usual. For the best result, you can do the treatment for twice a week. In addition, an equal portion of apple cider vinegar and water also works best for hair conditioner and promotes healthy and nourished hair with soft texture and shine.

Protection against Cancer

Cancer is characterized by uncontrolled cells growth and is a terrible disease. You may find ample information related to the benefit of apple cider vinegar to fight cancer. There are some studies shown that this vinegar promotes cancer cells killing and shrink tumors. Those studies, however, were actually one in isolated cells or rats. Further, some observational studies also show that vinegar consumption is linked to decreasing cancer. Further research is definitely needed to find out regarding the protection against cancer.

Fight a Sore Throat and runny Nose

When you get a runny nose and sore throat, grab apple cider vinegar for an instant reliever. The potassium found in apple cider vinegar helps mucus thinning while the acetic acid prevents bacteria or germ growth that cause nasal congestion. To help with a runny nose, you can mix a glass of water with a teaspoon of ACV and drink the potion. Among amounts of a sore throat natural remedies, apple cider vinegar is one of the best. To soothe a sore throat, you can mix warm water with a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar and use it to gargle once in an hour. Alternatively, you can mix hot water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a little honey. Drink it while warm.

Decrease Glucose level

According to some studies, apple cider vinegar is beneficial to keep the balance of blood sugar level. Type 2-diabetes is often characterized by increasing blood sugar in the context of the body inability to produce insulin or insulin resistance. Increasing blood sugar is also a problem even for people with no diabetes history. The healthiest way to keep the blood sugar level is to avoid refined sugar and carbohydrate and apple cider vinegar also has a powerful effect. The apple cider vinegar helps to improve the insulin sensitivity for high carbohydrate meal. Consuming apple cider vinegar for about two tablespoons before bedtime helps reduce the blood sugar level. For those benefits, apple cider vinegar is very useful for people with pre-diabetes, diabetes, and also those who want to keep the balance blood sugar. However, if you are currently consuming other medications for lowering blood sugar, make sure to consult with your doctor.