How to Live Long & Healthy? – Tips to Live Longer

How to Live Long & Healthy? - Tips to Live Longer

Life is a gift of Nature. Everyone wants to live longer. Average life span for a human is 40 years. In general case normal living goes up to 60 plus. Above 70% normal death happens in between the age of 60 to 80. 10 to 15% live above 80. Today 85 plus is rare seen. You may noticed in our old generation people live up to 90 plus years. While today 90 plus is a dream. There are several causes why modern living is not living above 80 plus. Few of them are Toxin based foods, Pollution, Bad Habits & Critical Diseases. People do believe while birth death time is decided. It’s wrong. In a normal living date of death comes with refer to your living style. In this session let us share few points using which you can Live Long & Healthy.

Plan your diets, Eat Healthy

Diet is the primary input to your body growth. Better & balanced diet keep us save from many diseases. Plan your diets properly. To stay healthy your body required various proteins, calories, vitamins & minerals. Know their percentage for which composition your body will operate better. According to this plan your diets. Everyday make sure to drink a glass of milk. In your breakfast eat an egg minimum thrice a week. Don’t stay empty stomach. Drink plenty of Water. Avoid intake of Carbohydrates. Consume Anti-Oxidants. Give priority to Fruits & Vegetables. In regular interval eat Dry Foods.

Do Regular Doctor Check up

In this case I want to advice you for a family doctor. Health is wealth. Monthly once visit doctor. In every 6 months do check up your blood pressure, sugar level, cholesterol level & heart rate (ECG). Regular doctor check prevent us from critical illness.

Do physical Exercise

It is very true those who perform strong physical exercise everyday they live more then the royal class. Exercise also helps to live stress & disease free life. From our survey it is found a farmer lives more than the landlord. Physical exercise improves blood flow & rate of oxygen intake to our body. The result blood get purified. Toxins came out in the shape of sweat. If you are an employee who sits whole the day, do gardening or join a GYM.

Avoid Bad Habits

Smoking & Drinking acts like slow poison for our body. Avoid these habits to live longer. Regular smoking increases chance for Cardiovascular diseases. Cardiovascular diseases mean more chance to death. Similarly regular Consumption of alcohol makes liver week. In long run bad habits invites death or death related diseases. If you want to live longer stay away from bad habits.

Limit your Sex

Sperms are the pillar of life. You may noticed those are having sperm loss related diseases they never stay healthy. Don’t waste sperms, keep it in your body. It gives metal stability & energy. Practice to do sex twice a week. Avoid sex everyday. More sperms give more healthy living & healthy living invites longer life-span. Stay away from Sexual Diseases.

Keep your environment Green

Let’s talk about a running metro here density of oxygen is less in Air. Thousand of vehicles & hundred of industries polluting air in every second. Don’t think this is not harming you. Directly you may not facing any problems but indirectly these activities makes your life-span smaller. Where ever you stay keep your environment green. Green environment provides fresh oxygen. Intake of fresh oxygen keeps you internally fresh.