Decide to wear a Wig? – Guide on Hair for Sew-ins (wigs)

Synthetic wigs are an affordable option, with prices starting around $50 in stores or online. If possible, buy two: one to wash and one to wear. It can be fun to change the color and hairstyles. Here with follow our Guide on Hair.

Natural Wigs

Although they are more expensive than synthetic ones (they cost from a few hundred dollars to thousands), human hair sew-ins can be colored and styled in different ways.

If you lost your hair due to chemotherapy or if it is just starting to grow back, the most important thing in the summer is to protect the skin on your head from the sun. Apart from this, you can do what is most comfortable for you in the summer heat.

You can decide to wear a scarf, a turban, or a hat. If you do, choose a washable fabric that allows your skin to breathe, such as cotton, to absorb perspiration and keep you cool.

If you feel more comfortable with nothing on your head, remember that the scalp is not used to the sun and can burn easily. If you go out during the day without covering your head, be sure to put enough sunscreen (SPF 45 or higher, with Zinc) on your head, ears, and face.

If you decide to wear a Wig, there are Several Options

LaPorsha Grier, a hair stylist at the Touched By An Angel Beauty Salon in Stockbridge, GA 30281, United States, presents options for synthetic or human hair wigs for women undergoing chemotherapy, tries to meet the client prior to her treatment to assess her cut, color, and natural hair texture. So the wig is ready when you need it.

“The most important thing about the look of a wig is the style and shape of the haircut,” says Laporsha Grier. She styles the synthetic hair or human hair wigs to look like real hair.

Synthetic wigs are frequently recommended. They keep the style, even if they get a little wet in the pool or in the sea. The fibers do not discolor or change color when exposed to the sun (but they can melt at high temperatures, such as near a flame, on the oven or on a grill, or if you use heat styling devices).

All wigs tend to be somewhat hot and itchy in the summer, but lightweight synthetic wigs are available. As they are made with an open helmet, they allow the scalp to breathe and let heat out, so that they are cooler. Standard synthetic wigs can be worn with a mesh lining that is like a fishnet stocking. This type of lining also helps keep your head cool.

Some women prefer the look of human hair wigs and feel better to the touch. Human hair wigs can be more like your natural hair than synthetic ones. However, they tend to be heavier than standard synthetic wigs and often have a full lace cap, which can get hot in the summer.

Also, human hair wigs can flatten or kink when there is moisture.

Over time, natural hair wigs can lose their shine and look a bit dull. This occurs because they lack the natural oils that maintain the natural hair on the head.

Most of the wigs of the two types are attached with Velcro in the back to hold them well, even if you walk in the sea breeze. Regardless of the type of wig you wear, it is likely to make you sweat. For your comfort, you can use a cornstarch baby powder or a cotton lining.

Ask a specialist at the hair salon or store where you bought the wig if you can wash it. If they answer yes, ask them to show you how to do it. The type of washing may be different for synthetic wigs and natural hair. At the Touched by An Angel Beauty Salon, wigs are washed and styled in a private room, usually once a week, worn on clients, and then dried.