10 effective Ways to Enhance Insulin Sensitivity

Insulin is a necessary hormone that can help to control the levels of blood sugar. It has been prepared in the pancreas that move sugar from the blood into cells for further storage. If the cells are resistant to insulin, they won’t use insulin effectively by leaving the sugar level high. In case your pancreas finds high sugar, it requires more insulin for overcoming resistance and lessening the sugar level. This may lessen the pancreas of insulin-forming cells which is quite common for type-2 diabetes in due course. Besides, the increased level of sugar may cause damage to different organs and nerves. You may have to conduct private insulin resistance test in UK as suggested by your doctor.

When you have a family record of type-2 diabetes or have prediabetes as well as you have obesity or are overweight, then you are at greater risk of insulin resistance. This blogpost discusses about 10 ways to improve insulin sensitivity for reducing the resistance of insulin and risks of several diseases including diabetes.

1. Have adequate amount of sleep

It is important to have proper sleep for your improved health. When you do not sleep properly, this can be risky for type 2 diabetes, heart disease and certain infections. According to studies, poor sleep is associated with decreased insulin sensitivity.

2. Do more exercises regularly

Doing your daily exercises can help in improving the insulin sensitivity. It can move sugar into your muscles for further storage and promotes an increase in insulin sensitivity that usually lasts for 2 to 48 hours. Studies have found increased insulin sensitivity for both men and women who have or do not have diabetes. Though aerobic and resistance training can enhance insulin sensitivity, combining both of them seems to be extremely effective.

3. Decrease the level of stress

The stress level may affect your ability of body to control blood sugar. This stimulates production of stress hormones such as glucagon and cortisol. The hormones usually break down the glycogen that enters into the bloodstream for using as quick form of energy. Regretfully, the stress keeps hormone levels higher which can stimulate the breakdown of nutrient and increase your sugar level.

4. Lose some extra pounds

If you are having excess fat in your belly area, then this can lessen insulin sensitivity and increase your risk of type 2 diabetes. The belly fat makes hormones that help in promoting insulin resistance in your liver and muscles. As per studies, there is a link between reduced insulin sensitivity and increased amount of belly fat. Thankfully, lessening weight can help in losing belly fat and boosting insulin sensitivity. This can decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes when you are having prediabetes.

5. Try to include soluble fiber

The fiber may be divided into two categories and they are soluble as well as insoluble. The insoluble fiber acts in the form of bulking agent for moving stool into the bowels. But soluble fiber can provide several fiber related benefits such as reducing your appetite and decreasing cholesterol level. Studies have found that there is some link between enhanced insulin sensitivity and intake of high soluble fiber. If needed, you may perform fasting insulin test when your doctor suggests for it.

6. Take colorful vegetables and fruits in the diet

Both vegetables and fruits are nutritious and offer great effects for your improved health. They are rich in plant compounds which have the properties of antioxidants. The antioxidants may neutralise molecules known as free radicals that may lead to harmful inflammation all through the body. As per studies, eating a diet which is rich in plant compounds are associated with increased insulin sensitivity.

7. Reduce the intake of carbs

Carbs are actually main stimulus that can lead blood levels to increase. If your body changes carbs into sugar and then produces it within the blood, then the pancreas produces insulin for transporting sugar from your blood into the cells. By lessening the intake of carb, you can boost your insulin sensitivity because taking carb diets can increase blood sugar. This exerts more pressure on the pancreas for removing sugar from your blood.

8. Lessen the consumption of added sugars

There is a major difference between natural sugars and added sugars. While natural sugars have been found in different sources such as vegetables and plants which offer lots of nutrients, added sugars are there in the highly processed food products. The two kinds of sugar that have been added at the production process are known as high-fructose corn syrup and table sugar which is also called sucrose. According to studies, the higher intake of fructose may enhance insulin resistance among the ones who suffer from diabetes. Certain foods that have high amount of added sugar are – cakes, pastries, sugar-sweetened beverages, cookies and candy.

9. Drink more green tea

Green tea is said to be an excellent beverage to improve your health. This is certainly a good choice for the ones who have type 2 diabetes or who are at greater risk for it. As per studies, drinking green tea may enhance insulin sensitivity and decrease sugar level. The benefits of taking green tea might be due to powerful antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG that can enhance insulin sensitivity.

10. Try apple cider vinegar

Vinegar is believed to be a versatile liquid that may use it in the form of an ingredient for foods or clean with it. The major ingredients in apple cider vinegar are a popular beverage in the community of natural health. Vinegar may boost insulin sensitivity by decreasing sugar level and enhancing the effectiveness of insulin. It may postpone the stomach from producing food into your intestines by providing more time to the body for absorbing sugar into your bloodstream.

Thus, insulin is believed to be an important hormone that has different roles in your body. If the insulin sensitivity is low, it exerts some pressure on the pancreas for enhancing the production of insulin to remove sugar from the blood. Lower insulin sensitivity denotes higher sugar levels that can increase the risk of different diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Luckily, there are several things you may enhance insulin sensitivity naturally. By trying out some of these suggestions, you can boost insulin sensitivity and reduce the risk of several diseases. It is suggested that you talk to a healthcare professional about Homa IR test in the UK before including any kind of supplements to your treatment therapy.