8 Amazing Health Benefits of Pomegranate (Punica Granatum)

8 Amazing Health Benefits of Pomegranate (Punica Granatum)

Have you ever eaten pomegranate? Some of the people may not be familiar with pomegranate which has so many advantages for human health. You should not ignore the health benefit of pomegranate that can make your healthy and prevent some diseases from coming. Red pomegranate is one of the healthiest fruits on earth that contains a variety of beneficial plant compounds, unmatched by any other food. Many studies have shown that this fruit has tremendous benefits for your body, and can lower the risk of all sorts of diseases.

The content of nutrients that can be given by a pomegranate is to give a positive effect on health. Some of the health benefits of the pomegranate are:

Pomegranate is rich in Essential Nutrients

Pomegranate also known as Punicagranatum, is a shrub that produces red fruit. It is also categorized as berry, in which pomegranate fruit has a diameter of 5-12 cm. Red pomegranate has a round shape which really resembles a red apple. Pomegranate has thick skin with so many tiny seeds called arils inside it. Arils are eatableand you can make a juice from the arils. There are 7 grams fibers in each 1 cup of arils, 3 grams protein, 30% vitamin C, 16% folate, 144 calories, 12% potassium, and 24 grams sugar. Can you imagine all of those important substances get inside your body?

Containing Two Strong Compounds

A pomegranate has some special substances which are beneficial for health. Pomegranates contain Punicalagin. It is a very powerful antioxidant found in pomegranate juice and its skin. These antioxidants are so strong and pomegranate is known to stronger antioxidant if we compared it a green tea and red wine. The extract of pomegranate is usually taken from the skin of the fruit because it really has punicalagin content and a very high antioxidant.

Pomegranates Have Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Effects

The next health benefit of pomegranate is to heal inflammation. Inflammation is one of the main triggers of many deadly diseases. Some of the diseases that can be solved with pomegranate are cancer, heart attack, diabetes, obesity, and Alzheimer. Pomegranate is good to healinflammation and it is quite strong.A research showed that punicalagin can reduce color cancer, breast cancer, inflammation in the tract of digestive. It is known that 250ml of pomegranate can reduce CRP inflammation.

Pomegranate Juice May Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Another health benefit of pomegranate is to lower the risk of heart disease. Cardiovascular disease is currently the number one cause of death in the world. It is a complicated disease, triggered by various factors. Punicic acid, the major fatty acid in pomegranates may help protect against some of the things in the process of heart disease. There was a research where50 respondents who had triglycerides and high cholesterol. These respondents were asked to consume pomegranate seeds for four weeks And the result showed significantly reduce triglyceride levels and boost HDL ratio. Other studies show the effect of pomegranate juice on people with type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol. They noted a significant decrease in LDL cholesterol, as well as other improvements. Pomegranate juice has also been tested, both in animals and humans, to protect the particles from the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, one of the key steps in the path to heart disease. So, the point is that some studies in humans have shown the pomegranate has benefits against heart disease. It improves the cholesterol profile and protects LDL cholesterol from oxidative damage.

Pomegranate is also useful Against Breast Cancer

The next health benefit of pomegranate is to fight breast cancer. There are a lot of women who are suffering from breast cancer nowadays. By consuming pomegranate, the anti-cancer property of pomegranate can block the production of cancer cells in the body and it can even kill the cells cancer slowly. Laboratory research has shown that pomegranate is really good to get rid of breast cancer cells, but it still needs a further research to make sure its effectiveness. Hopefully, it is true that Pomegranate can get rid of breast cancer.

Pomegranates May Help Fight Prostate Cancer

The health benefit of pomegranate for men is to fight prostate cancer. According to a research, pomegranate may slow the reproduction of cancer. The prostate specific antigen can be a sign for men to suffer from prostate cancer. If we had PSA levels increased in a short time, then it will increase the risk of death from prostate cancer. Interestingly, one study found that 237 ml (8 oz) of pomegranate juice per day may slow down the PSA doubling from 15 months to 54 months. That is a really wonderful benefit. A follow-up study also found the same improvement using a type of pomegranate extract called POMx.

Pomegranates Help Fight Arthritis and Joint Pain

There are a lot of people who are suffering from Arthritis nowadays. There are several types of arthritis and it may cause an inflammation around the joints. It is known that the pomegranate compounds can heal inflammatory because it has anti-inflammatory property.That’s why pomegranate is really useful to heal arthritis. There was a research that showed that this fruit extracts is able to block a dangerous enzymes which may damage joints in patients who suffer from osteoarthritis. It also shows that pomegranateis really useful to heal some mice with arthritis. Meanwhile, pomegranate needs a further research to prove that it is effective for human. The point is that according to the study, the extract of pomegranateis useful to fight arthritis disease. However, it still needs a further research for this proof.

Pomegranate Lowers Blood Pressure

The next health benefit of pomegranate is to lower blood pressure. High blood pressure (hypertension) is one of the main triggers of heart attack and stroke. In one study, people with high blood pressure experience significant decrease after consuming 150 ml (5 oz) of pomegranate juice every day for 2 weeks). Other studies have found similar effects, especially for systolic blood pressure (the higher number in a blood pressure reading). The point is that regular consumption of pomegranate juice is known to be able to lower blood pressure levels within 2 weeks.

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