Including ECG what are the other Tests for diagnosis of Heart Problems

In this world of evolving strange diseases, diagnosing any health problem at the right time is crucial. The heart is the central organ of the body that controls the entire process of blood supply. Any issue with your heart that is not identified on time can risk your life to a great extent. There are many medical tests and diagnosing procedures that can be performed for Heart Problems. Consult your doctor first because he will better guide you on which test is required to be done according to your disease severity. Given below are standard cardiological tests carried out in labs:

Monitoring of Blood Pressure

An easy way to check whether there is an issue with your heart is to monitor blood pressure regularly. You can do this at your home as well. There are digital blood pressure checking apparatuses available in the market that even a layperson can use easily. But it is recommended to get your blood pressure checked by a healthcare professional or doctor. The reason is that digital BP checkers do not always provide reliable results.

Blood Tests

Blood tests are used for multiple purposes. They give the concentration of minerals and blood fat such as cholesterol or triglycerides etc. Blood tests are also helpful in monitoring the level of substances released after a heart attack. Thus, your doctor suggests medicines such as Metoprolol to recover the strength of your heart muscles after heart failure. You can also use a combination of other drugs as well to lower elevated blood pressure. Hence, blood tests conducted at the right time can be a lifesaver for you.

Echocardiogram (Ultrasound)

An echocardiogram is a commonly used test to check the functioning of the heart valve and chambers. It is a kind of ultrasound or an X-ray that examines the chest or throat area. This test can also monitor the pumping action of the heart. Before or after the exercise, it gives a picture of reduced blood supply by the heart in coronary arteries.

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

ECG is a test performed to diagnose a heart attack and arrhythmias. Your doctor suggests this test to check whether the heart is beating well or not. It reads electrical impulses conducted by the heart. The apparatus consists of wires with sticky pads placed on the chest, arms, or legs area. These wires are then attached to an ECG machine where the results are displayed.

Chest X-ray

Chest X-ray is a general type of X-ray that covers the structures inside your chest area. It is done to monitor the functioning of organs like the heart, blood vessels, or lungs. This test is helpful to diagnose if there is any sign of heart failure or other similar heart conditions.

Don’t take health issues lightly, especially heart problems. The previously given tests are commonly conducted to diagnose any heart issue. But don’t go for them on your own without consulting a doctor. There will be specific ones that are necessary for your current medical condition.