Best ways to lose Belly Fat for Women – Weight loss Tips

Women is a beautiful art of nature. Every women loves to look slim & phonetic. From the mirror view to shopping complex every where she spreads her beauty. Beautiful women is a gift to family & society. In between the age 30 to 40 many beautiful women lost their attractive body shape due to excess belly fat. Fat & Cholesterol are act like slow poison. Excess amount of fat or cholesterol can create heart & other Chronic Diseases. To keep you healthy & more beautiful give priority to reduce fat from your body.

According to medical science secretion of Cortisol hormone increase belly fat in Women. To lose belly fat today we have many electronics Gym’s or Yoga centers. Sometimes we do a hard workout to reduce belly fat. In this session let you know the best way to lose belly fat for Women.

Lemon with little warm Water

After morning walk take a cup of warm water & one Lemon. Prepare a little hot lemon juice without sugar & salt. Drink this. Rest of the day practice to drink more water. 4 to 5 times a day replace your normal tea with Green tea. Green tea contains natural caffeine. Which helps to lose belly fat for Women. In place of normal sugar use sugar-free products.

Replace Rice, Avoid Sugar & Glucose rich foods

If you are habituated to eat rice in your lunch & dinner. Replace this with wheat breads. While eating chew your foods well. It helps in better digestion & gives less load to stomach. Avoid sugar & more glucose related foods as much as you can. Reduce calories in your regular foods. Give priority to eat green vegetables & salads. Don’t eat more protein related foods. Eat low fat dairy products. Control your salt intake to reduce sodium level in your body. Give priority to eat Vitamin C rich foods.

Some of the popular weight loss foods are Pumpkin, Chickpeas, Oats, Kefir, Raspberries, Black beans, Walnuts, and Dark Leafy Greens. Do fasting weekly once for a day.

Plan your Diets to lose Belly Fat Quick

Dieting helps great in fat reduction. Include Fibers to your regular Diet. By looking into the body construction of a women from the old age there are traditions to keep many BRATA’s & UPVASH’s. Empty stomach controls fat distribution in our body. Weekly twice Monday & Thursday try to avoid regular lunch & dinner. Eat fruits & raw vegetables. Soluble fiber available in fruits like Apple,¬†legumes, barley, oats & cherries. Eat fatty fish monthly 3 times. Fatty fishes are rich with quality protein and omega-3 fats. Which helps in Weight Loss. Addition of these foods in our diet controls insulin level in our body. Which directly helps to lose belly fat for Women.

Avoid Late night Sleep

Late night sleep is one of the major cause for women to gain belly fat. Generally in case of a married women late night sleep is very common. Body of woman is like a flower. She needs sufficient rest to to maintain her healthy figure. Stay stress free. Sleep sufficient at night. Stress & late night sleep imbalance few hormones in our body. That causes belly fat. Stay aware of this.

To lose Belly Fat join a GYM or Exercise regularly

Physical exercise is a best way to protect us from excess belly fat. Join a GYM today. Workout for 40 to 50 minutes everyday. Wake-up before sunrise. Practice to do morning walk. Morning walk is an effective formula to lose belly fat for Women. After morning walk prefer to drink Green tea. Laugh more in life. Laugh helps to tone your abs. Cardio of Aerobic exercises helps to reduce excess belly fat effectively. Under this exercises you can consider Walking, Running, Biking, Rowing, Swimming, and Cycling. Skipping rope is a very good exercise for belly fat. Daily 30 minutes play Skipping rope. If you are a pure housewife go for Treadmill Workouts.

Compare to a slim figure excess fat gives more load to operate our body. In the old age excess belly fat creates back pain. To stay healthy & quicker be conscious about your fat reduction. Using the above tips if you get back your flat belly again, Share us to reach others.