How to lower High Blood Pressure home remedies?

High Blood Pressure (High BP) is the force exerted by Circulating blood upon the walls of Blood Vessels. High BP Creates Heart related diseases, Stroke, Kidney failure, Moles & Aneurysm. According to medical science if your rating is in-between 70 to 90 you have low blood pressure. 90 to 120 is ideal blood pressure. 120 to 140 is pre-high blood pressure. Above 140 is high blood pressure. Consuming too much Salt, ignoring Fruits & Vegetables, Excess weight & too much Alcohol are few of the valid causes which increases Blood Pressure. You can low your Blood Pressure level by updating your life style. In this session let us share some of the effective home remedies to lower High Blood Pressure.

Diet Plan to lower High Blood Pressure

Give priority to eat whole grains, low-fat Dairy products, Fruits (Apple, Papaya, Grape, Orange, Water melon with Seeds, Guava, Pineapple, Banana & Mango) & Vegetables. Drink fruit juice regularly (Tomato juice, Coriander juice, Beet juice & Amaranth juice). These foods helps to reduce Fats & Cholesterol level. Low fat protects from High BP.

Avoid salt intake as less as can possible. Salt (NaCL) contains sodium. Sodium is not good for High BP. Sodium in blood increases more fluid Volume. In the result your heart pump harder to move that excess volume throughout the body. With your regular diet don’t take more then 2,300 mg sodium per day.

Consume potassium rich foods (White Beans, Spinach, Baked Potatoes, Dried Apricots, Salmon, Avocados, Mushrooms & Bananas). Potassium helps to control high blood pressure.

Drumstick leaves helps great to low blood pressure. Take some 10 to 12 drumstick leaves mix it with carrot. Using mixer prepare a juice. Drink this juice twice a week. This natural home remedy is very effective to control High BP.

Avoid caffeine, more chocolate, excess sugar & white carbs. Eat fiber rich foods. Add vitamin B12, B6 & B9 rich foods to your regular diet. Fishes are having Omega-3 fatty acids. Fatty acids helps to control high BP. Consume fish twice a week or more.

Stop Smoking, Alcohol & Nicotine

Nicotine & Alcohol act like an enzyme to our normal blood flow. Intake of any drug gives more load to operate our hearts. Which creates pressure in blood flow. You must observed we feel more smart after consuming any drug. This is due to the change in normal blood flow in our body. So if you found you have High blood pressure avoid Nicotine & Alcohol. To Stop Smoking read our Facts about Smoking Cigarettes.

Do Yoga & Meditations

Yoga helps to live a stress free life. To control High Blood Pressure do Surya Namaskar in the early morning. Walk 20 to 30 minutes everyday. Pranayama is very effective to reduce high blood pressure. During Pranayama keep taking long breaths to relax. Listening chants & mantras generates vibration in our body. It balances the breath & decreases high blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure home remedies

Lemon is very effective to control wear and tear of arteries. Take a lemon. Prepare lemon juice in little warm water with out salt & sugar. Drink it everyday morning with empty stomach. Vitamin P contents in lemon keeps blood vessels soft & pliable. Which helps to low blood pressure.

Watermelon Seeds are rich with cucurbocitrin. It helps widen the blood capillaries. Grind equal amount of dried watermelon & poppy seeds. 2 times a day in morning & evening with empty stomach take this powder with little warm milk.

Garlic is having the power to reduce high blood pressure. Regular intake of garlic controls cholesterol levels. Eat 2 crushed garlic cloves everyday. Consumption of garlic relax the blood vessels & stimulate to produce more Nitric Oxide & Hydrogen Sulfide.

As we discussed above Potassium act like a medicine for High BP patients. Banana is rich with iron and potassium. Eat 2 to 3 ripe Bananas everyday. It controls sodium level by increasing potassium in our blood. While preparing curry at your kitchen treat raw bananas as vegetables.

Stay hydrate, Drink more. In high blood pressure keep your body well Hydrate. Drink Coconut Water. Coconut Water is rich with potassium, magnesium & vitamin C it helps to decrease high blood pressure.

Take one spoon of Honey & Ginger juice. Mix it with cumin powder. Eat this mixer twice a day.

Amla (Phyllanthus Emblica) is popular for its medicinal behaviors. To reduce high blood pressure in everyday morning before your breakfast drink Amla juice with Honey.

High blood pressure generates more angriness. In unfavorable Conditions keep control on you. Stay cool & live stress free life.