Are you resigning from a Job? – Know the Exit Formalities

Are you resigning from a Job? - Know the Exit Formalities

From Career Growth to Career hijack every where we need to Change the Job. Switch over is a common practice to experienced professionals they never face any trouble in job change. But about the freshers its must to know the tricks how to switch over correctly. What are the things we need to bring from the employer before resigning from a Job. How to put a resignation letter? How to do final settlement? Etc, etc. In below read our Exit Formalities.

Serve Notice Period

Career is a planning. Whether you do resignation or you do signed a new job I can suggest you must planned properly. Lets assume you planned to leave your current job in January 2015. First I need to tell your serve the notice period as per the company policy. Talk this well to the company who offered you to join them. Let them know the Correct Notice period. First impression is the best impression. That why in this point don’t ever present you fake.

Release letter & Experience Certificate

At a minimal before leave your current job collect your Release letter & Experience Certificate. Don’t give them an option to play with you. Forward your recent three months payslips & income tax documents to your personal email ID before leave the job. This all are the required documents for your Career movements. Many Global Companies are doing third party verification to check your career track. In this point I can suggest think tactically. Keep a touch up relationship before you leave your current job.

Try to get a job the time you are in job. Else it is a problem. If you offered a job in between your notice period do bargaining to achieve good salary & well designation. Don’t change your domain. Always prefer to get a job in your correct Skills. It helps you to lead on the desk.

Complete your notice period well. Release your-self with all formalities. Bring back your own things from office. Keep a note the date you are out from the Company you are not allow to your desk. Hope here with you are well understood what I am talking about. Be professional behave professional.

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