Information about God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar

Recently, there’s an absolute term such as God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar. How can this be? As he completes his final test and 200th before withdrawing from cricket, Rahul Tandon as BBC’s employee digs up the phenomenon of living gods in India. It’s a label given to describe Sachin. If you ask Indian to describe Sachin the respond you may get is nothing than he’s the cricket god. However, the 40 year old, doesn’t really love the phrase. Recently, he told his loyal fans that he isn’t a god because he still makes mistakes and gods don’t. This doesn’t affect significantly to the disciples and fans, because he has already been a model of a living god.

Sachin Tendulkar as A Living God

What’s the deal with it? How can he become one of role models of living gods? No one seems to find out, it just happens. The society chooses Sachin when they think he has supernatural abilities. During penultimate test of Tedlukar in Calcutta, there’s someone named Sudhir Chaudhary. He’s the Sachin’s disciple. At that time, he painted his whole body with national flag colors. At the bottom part there were 3 words, namely ‘the god of cricket’. Like a real disciple, he becomes Tendlukar’s followers wherever he sets off. Sudhir also has given up his career, and even his life, to follow Sachin.

It’s true that Sachin doesn’t like the term ‘God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar’. Sudhir also recognizes this fact, but he doesn’t matter with it. For him, Suchin is indeed the god of cricket. Suchin is a real fan as well as a Hindu. He’s even intrigued as to his favorite cricket player has been considered as one of a heavenly status. There’s an official biography of Sachin Tendulkar. The writer also questions this fact. He considers this case is similar to what happens with Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi.

What’s His Power?

Is there really a supernatural power? The writer of Sachin’s biography gives explanation about it. He says that the term of a god is just a faith. People haven’t seen any god. However, Sachin gives a hope and strength for people in India. That’s what he has been to most of Indians and that’s why people consider him as demi-god. Annabel Mehta as Sachin’s mother-in-law agrees with this fact. She says that life in India is hard for most of people and they require something that can distract their daily routines.

The God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar has been a hope for Indian. He gives encouragement for most of people in such country. India is contradictory and complex society. There’s a mixture of the modern and old culture as well as materialistic and spiritual culture. Basically, Indians also have fanatic fans. It’s the same with Americans who consider Justin Bieber as a demi-god. Sachin has gained the same impression among his super fans. Locals believe that Sachin becomes one of their gods. Hinduism has lots of gods, so a few more won’t make any difference at all. It’s a very simple point of view, but it’s true.

There’s a professor called Subhada Joshi who is also the head of philosophy department at MU. She also agrees that Sachin can be said as one of their gods. As for us, is it ok to call Sachin as god of cricket? Well, definitely the answer is yes. All of his fan will say so and they don’t want to even discuss about it. This faith in Sachin can be based on Bharat Ratna award. It’s the highest civilian award in India in any field of human attempt. Sachin has been recognized as famous sportsperson, so he has achieved many things in this field.

Popularity of God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar

Until late of 2011, Bharat Ratna is only given in particular area such as literature, art, public services, and science. It was changed by the government in any different areas, which gives recognition and reward to any fields. God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar is called that way because he’s absolutely the undisputed champion in cricket. He also has gained many followers in social media through his achievement. In Mumbai, Sachin has the same popularity as Sai Baba. There are thousands of people praying for him daily. They are women, men, old, young, the poor, or the rich.

Within his retirement, millions of fans and Indian watched this amazing batsmen play the game for the last time. Sachin is now 40 years old and he began his career at 1989. Statistically, Sachin becomes one of the richest athletes around the world. He was ranked 51st of the highest paid player on the Forbes list. Importantly, people recognize him as humble and family man. Everyone considers him as Indian national jewel. He has become the part of Indian cricket team and earned many awards. There’s only one thing that’s matter: He’s the only icon of cricket in India.

You can find many T-shirts in India with particular texts: Cricket becomes my religion, and Sachin is our god. Sachin has passed through 24 years as professional batsman in India. He has broken nearly any record in cricket. When it comes to his retirement, he leaves undisputed by any other players in India. Locals might say “He’s everything to us”. It can be said that Sachin is more likely the Cricket’s Michael Jordan. In his last match, there were many important people came to watch. There were typhoons, movie stars, families, and crazy fans watching the game.

Well, Sachin has become the symbol of the new India. Since Sachin entered the field of cricket for his first time, India had undergone improvement. Therefore, people consider him as one of living demi-gods in India. Cricket has changed as well with the existence of Sachin. Most of games have dominated by God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin also has gained a millions of deal in the mid of 1990s. Even today in his retirement, he still has a deal with Coca-Coca Company. Forbes cites this as the most expensive salary among other players of crickets in India. He’s the real deal of India’s national treasure.