List of Features makes Easton Mako Beast is a Special Bat?

I know most people wonder what makes the best baseball bat; well there are various features to look for before settling for any baseball bat. One feature that every baseball player will tell you to look out for, is finding the perfect size and weight that will give you control, hence you will be able to make contact while swinging for the fences. If the bat is too heavy you risk hitting foul balls and if it is too light you can forget about hitting home runs. So it is prudent to pick a size that matches your skills and strength. Bats come with three different barrel sizes namely two and a quarter inch, two and five eighths inch and two and three quarter inch.

While there are only three different barrel sizes, they all come with many length and weight ratios and all depend with the league being played. After confirming what your league demands, now you can choose composite, aluminum or wood bat designs. It is essential to note that composite can have larger sweet spots and perform better the more you play with it, but can be illegal in certain leagues.

Additionally they are a bit expensive when compared to other brands in the market. For aluminum bats, they are good but they decline in performance over time, and also they perform poorly in cold weather. Furthermore, several junior leagues only require wooden bats, hence at some point in your career you will have to use wood. When hitting the ball using a wooden bat, you will feel a sting in your hand once but after regular hits you will get used to it and later you will realize that after shifting from wood to composite or aluminum bats, you will end up being a great baseball player.

Without further ado I present to you the Easton Mako Beast. This composite bat has been in the market for over several years and with age comes experience and quality. One outstanding feature that makes this bat special is the fact that it combines speed and two piece composite barrel. Other features includes:

  • Balanced swing weight.
  • Extended barrel speed.
  • Very low moment of inertia.
  • 2 piece composite construction.
  • TCT which creates a magnificent sweet spot while also maximizing speed.
  • It also has connexion technology which gets rid of vibration and maximizes energy transfer.
  • It also has a hyperskin grip which gives a soft feeling while holding it.
  • Huge barrel.

So, if you choose easton mako beast bat, it must be beneficial for you.