During long Flight 5 Tips for travellers to Sleep better on Mid-Air

Be it a frequent traveller for business or a first-timer the common complaint on a long flight is that people are unable to get comfortable sleep while flying. What with the noise coming from the aircraft and the people around you walking up and down, sleeping well on the flight can become an invaluable skill which not many can master. But with some preparation, you can get some shut-eye and feel refreshed just like sleeping on a bed mattress when the flight lands. Here are a few things that can help you sleep better:

1. Choose a Comfortable Seat for Relax

If you are not on a budget, then you can buy a First class or business class instead of flying in Economy. First-class seats are better as they offer a lying position that makes sleeping better and comfortable. But if you have booked an economy class ticket then you should try to choose a comfortable seat. Some of the better seats are:

  • Window seats so that there is no disturbance of your neighbours.
  • Away from the toilet as there will be less traffic, smell and noise.
  • Close to the wings as it is more stable and has less noise.
  • Seats near the exit which has more legroom.

2. Choose an evening Flight for Journey

Look for a flight which is in the evening or late in the evening as that will not mess around with the internal clock. If the flight is at the same time as your sleep time it helps you to fall asleep easily. Or if you are sure you cannot sleep then book a flight that will land in the destination early in the evening so that you can get to bed after checking into the hotel to prevent jet lag. Also, ensure that the hotel has comfortable beds to sleep on. Most of the hotels these days invest in the best memory foam mattress in India so that their guests get a good night’s sleep.

3. Pack Accessories

You can sleep well on an aeroplane provided you have the right gear.

  • To maintain the right temperature carry an extra blanket if the one provided on the plane is not warm enough.
  • Invest in a travel neck pillow which can cradle the neck and keeps it from falling and disturbing your sleep. These pillows provide great support and comfort to the head and neck. The most recommended travel pillow is from Wakefit as it is made of memory foam which adjusts to the shape of the head and also prevents pain.
  • Use an eye-mask to cover the eyes so that the light of the plane does not disturb your sleep.
  • To cancel out the noise, use earplugs.

4. Wear Comfortable Clothing

Wear clothes that do not restrict your movement. It may not be pyjamas but something comfortable like cotton trousers, a sweater or pullover. It is also recommended that you have a pair of socks on as you will have to remove your shoes and the plane can get really cold. While on a long flight instead of dressing stylish dress comfortably.

5. Do not use Screens before Sleeping

Even while sleeping on the best-recommended mattress online, it is advised that the sleeper should switch-off from their smartphones and laptops a few hours before so that the blue light from the screen does not interfere with sleep. Instead, you can opt to read a book which can help you fall asleep.

If you are a frequent traveller and have to take long flights as part of your work, you can make the best use of the flight by catching up on sleep by following the above-mentioned tips.