Top 5 benefits of Automatic Shift Planning Software

Do you ever wonder who is on the payroll this week? The answer to this question isn’t a problem you must repeatedly deal with. Automated shift planning software allows the process to be as simple as pressing one button and frees your time from monotonous tasks to concentrate on providing amazing customer experiences. Machine learning software is exactly what you need to boost your workplace’s efficiency through labor management. Are you concerned about the possibility of computers invading your restaurant? Don’t worry; consider automated employee scheduling as a supplementary tool that handles routine tasks so you can make human connections with your customers.

What exactly is Automatic Shift Planning Software?

Efficiency is the word of the day when managing an efficient restaurant—automating repetitive tasks, such as scheduling, is among the most efficient ways to become more efficient. With the aid of shift planning software for scheduling shifts, you can create the perfect schedule for your restaurant in just one click. How can automatic scheduling be used? 7Shifts’ auto-scheduler blends your labor expenditure objectives using machine learning and sales data, staff availability and even forecasts for the weather to generate a shift plan with 95% labor expenditure accuracy. That’s nearly impossible without the help of a tech assistant. An interesting fact is that You can incorporate your employee shift scheduling tool into your restaurant’s point of sale. It’s a great way of reducing costs!

The 5 Advantages of Employee Scheduling Automation

Conserve Time and Resources

The savviest restaurateurs know how time can be a source of income. Any action you can take to decrease the time you spend working on projects will result in better margins. When you automatize scheduling, you can reduce costs for labor and free time to concentrate on tasks that enhance the customer experience. It takes you and your supervisors around 3 hours a week to organize the schedule of your employees. Suppose their average hourly pay is $20, and your establishment earns about $20,000 per week in revenue. In that case, your establishment could save over $23,000 annually on labor costs just by automating the scheduling process.

Utilizing employee shift planning software could reduce the amount of time you spend on labor by as much as 3 per cent and reduce the amount of time you have to manage schedules by as much as 80%.

What is this going to mean for you and your business? Enter your company’s numbers into the expense calculator for labor costs in restaurants calculator to find out what you can see for yourself.

Task Delegation that is Stress-Free

Delegation helps ensure that your more knowledgeable employees use their time efficiently. Automated shift planning software for scheduling staff considers your spending targets for labor into consideration and helps you create your restaurant’s schedule with up to 95 percent accuracy. This kind of accuracy allows you to delegate scheduling tasks to less experienced employees of your team of managers. There’s no need to be concerned about ensuring that the most efficient servers are on the busiest shifts or whether requests for leave are considered. Automated scheduling already takes these aspects into account. You only have to share the schedule with your staff, which can be done by using online restaurant booking software.

Make Smarter Staff Scheduling Decisions

Although it can be hard to admit that computers can perform certain tasks better and more quickly than you could, it’s good for your company. If you use shift planning software integrated into your POS, it can schedule your business. The software makes its choices based on your establishment’s previous sales statistics. This integration will ensure you plan appropriate personnel to meet your customer’s requirements and save cash on staffing.

Reduce Employee Turnover With Shift Planning Software

Restaurants are infamous due to their 73 percent annual turnover. With low margins for profit, it is difficult for restaurants to keep employees in the business by offering more lucrative wages. However, automated, predictive scheduling can keep your best employees satisfied and working for you for a long period. Predictive planning is the process of providing employees with ample warning of their schedules. If employees can organize their lives away from work, the workplace’s satisfaction rises. We know happier employees will be more likely to offer customers exceptional service.

Happier customers

So how can automated employee scheduling translate into more satisfied customers? Spending less time managing employee scheduling allows you to concentrate on ensuring that your processes (taking orders, taking orders to kitchens, helping, and paying attention to your customers) are operating smoothly. Also, you’ll be less worried about the logistics behind the scenes and focus on ensuring your customers receive exceptional service from the moment they arrive until the time they receive their payment.