How to buy a Mattress that Could Stop your Snoring Habits?

Everybody deserves a sound sleep at night. An uninterrupted sleep could benefit your life in numerous positive ways. But if you are sleeping on an old mattress with your partner and he or she keeps snoring, then nobody better than you could know how snoring can disrupt sleep and peace of mind. To fight this problem and get an uninterrupted sleep, you first have to understand why the snoring is happening regularly. One of the major reasons of Snoring Habits is an old mattress.

The connection between Mattress and Snoring

Snoring generally happens when your airway is partially blocked or obstructed while you are sleeping, especially on your back. This phenomenon usually occurs because the tissues on your throat start to sag backward and the rumbling breathing noises begin. However, this can get worse if your head is not properly inclined and supported on your mattress. Then the lower jaw starts to roll down and blocks the airway, which will eventually be the cause of snoring sounds. Also, there is another important fact that, if your old mattress is not providing enough support for your back as well as your neck, it will be the reason of your snoring problem.

Now, you might ask, is buying a new mattress going to stop snoring sounds? Well, if you are sleeping uncomfortably on your mattress you are more prone to have snoring problems than other sleepers. A good mattress will certainly be able to help those who are already suffering from this problem. A new memory mattress can hold the contour of your body properly so that you can enjoy an uninterrupted sleep.

Why your Current Mattress is failing You?

People who own a very soft mattress are facing the snoring issues more than others. The key reason might be that their old mattress is not providing the proper spinal support it should. Too comfy and plush mattress might seem to be the coziest option you have, but it will not provide any proper spinal support. Another important factor you have to keep in mind is the age of your mattress. A mattress can have a lifespan of 7-8 years. If your mattress is already that much old then it will not be able to provide a proper alignment for your spine. Thus, it is best to check out the best mattresses 2017 in local stores.

All about sleeping Positions

Your back position is usually more prone to cause snoring than other positions. But it can be prevented by using a pillow under your head and raising your head about three-four inches from the mattress level. Supporting the head will reduce your nasal congestion, which will eventually stop the Snoring Habits. Sleeping on your stomach is a great position for reducing snoring, but this position might give you a sore neck in the morning. The side sleeping position is the best position so far for preventing snoring. This position allows the mattress to contour your entire body.


You have to keep in mind that there will always be other factors influencing your snoring habits. But a recent research indicates that by having a new mattress you will definitely lower the risk of snoring. Using a humidifier in your room would also be a great idea; because dry air can cause dry throat which will result in snoring.