How to Convert HTML Files to PDF Files using PDF bear’s Converter?

Before we discuss the process of converting an HTML file to a PDF file, let’s first unlock the meaning of HTML. HTML was made in the year 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee, and it is an abbreviation of HyperText Markup Language. HTML is utilized to produce documents that will be exposed to the World Wide Web.

Every page of a certain document has a connection to other pages known as hyperlinks; hyperlinks come in graphic, text, or icon that connect to other files. The web page you behold on the Internet is exhibited using a version of HTML code, this code guarantees the correct composition of pictures and text for your Internet browser.

Without Hypertext Markup Language, a browser will not show texts, images, and other elements. Aside from that, Web developers control web pages’ appearance with the help of Cascading Style Sheet or CSS. In this manner, we can directly say that HTML is the bone of a web page, and CSS, on the other hand, serves as the skin.

Since we’re done discussing the HTML file, let’s now proceed to our main objective, which is converting an HTML file to PDF file. Having an HTML file and sharing it with other people is a bit difficult, but worry no more because we got your back.

Choose the best HTML to PDF Converter

If you’re looking for an HTML to PDF file converter, you can find a lot of tools on the Internet; however, some of these tools aren’t reliable. If you’re looking for an authentic one, you can have the PDF Bear’s online tool; this tool allows you to convert an HTML file to PDF file without any hassle.

If you’re having trouble using this tool, we’re here to guide you throughout the process. So, what’s the first step? The first step you need to put in mind is, you need to choose an HTML file or insert a URL. After pasting the URL or HTML file to the box located at the center, hit the Convert To PDF button to begin the conversion. Once it is done, your PDF file is ready to be downloaded.

Why PDF Bear and not other Tools?

If you’re wondering why PDF Bear and not other tools out there, the answer is its great features! If you’re talking about privacy, they will delete the file you’ve pasted after an hour as a sign of tight security. If you still have questions about your safety and privacy, you can immediately go to their Privacy Policy and read it carefully.

Aside from its tight security, it is accessible for all platforms; you can access it from Linux, Mac, and even Windows platforms. In addition, they will convert it in just a couple of seconds without ruining its quality. With just a few clicks, your PDF is ready to be used!

Free Trial vs. Premium Version

Free version excuses us from stress since our mind doesn’t think for any monthly fee, but if you’re up for unlimited offers, let’s all avail the PDF Bear’s premium version! What’s the benefit of having a premium account? Well, you can do endless tasks with maximum files and with the highest file size, unlimited amounts of OCR tasks with a maximum compression of files, and there are no ads once you go for it. Amazing, right?

The question is, how much does a PDF Bear premium cost? Before, it cost 299.99 USD for a one-year subscription, but they give it now for as low as 99.99 USD. If you’re not yet ready to have their annual subscription, you can pay 14.99 USD every month.


Technology provides us with the most convenient way of living; that’s why we owe our lives to them. Every time we’re having trouble with something like school projects, documents and other types of tasks, it can be done and resolved by just a few clicks of our hands. Keep using this tool to get things done efficiently and effectively.