Fashion of Maternity Gowns – How can you Wear Fashion for 3 periods?

It is well known that the key to dressing during pregnancy is comfort and style. But in different periods of pregnancy, the feeling is completely different. Regarding the unique fashion challenges during pregnancy, we specifically asked the maternity fashion master and two mothers Amy Tara Koch (author of Bump It Up) and senior style expert Alison Deyette. Let’s see how they face it. Please read on and you need to know your best, no matter how big the gap is.

The First Three months of Pregnancy

About the work Mother

Challenge – Confidential work. In the early stages of pregnancy, many people do not want others to see that they are pregnant until at least the second three months.

What to do? – Open your closet and set aside too tight or close-fitting clothing. Sticking through the contours of the abdomen, buttocks and thighs, it’s a good way to hide the weight you gained in the first few months. You can choose to wear soft knit, A-line skirts, empire waist tops and dresses, wrap shirts and dresses.

About the first three months, there is another great piece: a “loose” top – the feature of this dress is – there is a fitted belt at the bottom of the dress, but there is some space above it. In your abdomen, the fabric is loosely laid out there. If you want to make the appearance more personal, a fitted belt is essential and can reduce muumuu. You can choose to wear a pair of boot-like stretch jeans for a comfortable look and a comfortable zippered look.

Do you have Maternity Clothes, are you Ready?

Challenge – Too much fabric makes most maternity gowns more difficult, because the body before and after pregnancy varies greatly, so when pregnant, all pre-pregnancy clothes are not suitable for pregnancy.

How to do it? – How to make our wardrobe function powerful? There are several key additional features that can be passed. Buy a pair of jeans with elastic straps (Belly Band) and no longer choose buttons or zippers. This belt will keep the pants from falling off, and no one will know that they are unlocked. At a critical juncture, the same effect can be achieved with a rubber button that uses a ring button and passes through the buttonhole.

Three months in the Middle

Budgetary considerations

Challenge – How long does it take, or every few weeks, your body will become a new size, do you need new clothes? And don’t want to think about saving budget every month.

What to do? – There are some clothes that can be worn for a long time, which requires you to invest more. Styles with pleats, ties, buttons or sides that are gathered together, as they will adjust as your body grows and changes, and this type of clothing will suit you better. The more important aspect is that, wearing them, you can subtly show your raised parts, and suddenly appear during this time. You also can choose some cheap maternity gowns from Chinese store online to save budget.

A Bang

Challenge – Your chest is more likely to shake.

What to do? – Have you already stocked some bras? If you haven’t already, it’s time to buy some great bras. Although you may be more inclined to choose a larger size bra, at this time, you need to consider comfort and scalability, because these are the most important things for pregnant women and lactation.

Many women will be surprised to find that their cups will move constantly and the meat on the back will increase. In addition to increasing size, you can also find cheap bra extenders, which can be found in most lingerie stores.

From Monday to Weekend

Challenge – You need some clothes that will allow you to wear clothes comfortably from Monday to weekend.

How to do it? – Women’s pregnant Dresses. More precisely, let the wrap skirt – because it uses a solid or color pattern, is very smooth – to make your curve more prominent. In the office, you will shine, weekends, when you are running, comfort and fashion are factors to consider. As your body becomes bigger and bigger, simply change the position of the tie and you can turn the dress into another outfit, an empire-waist outfit, defined between the chest and the abdomen. Kind of clothing.

Another project, loyal and versatile: a pair of dark jeans made of denim with a maternity boot and a stretch fabric built into the waist. In your entire pregnancy, incisions and colors will give you a lot of surprises, so you can wear them freely at any time, at any work or social occasion.

In the third three months

Challenge – You will feel uncomfortable because your stomach is getting bigger and bigger. Buttons, zippers, and even belts are becoming less and less suitable for you.

What can I do to change it?

A summer maternity dress, you can try – or a knit dress, length to the ankle, the advantage of this fashion dress is that even after the baby is born, you can still wear. There is an added bonus: when you don’t like it, you don’t have to be too embarrassed when you want to throw it away!

When you put on your tights and then wear a tunic, a tunic made of comfortable knit fabric. You will feel comfortable and look stylish.

A Downturn Case

Challenge – You are used to wearing a monochrome look (black, grey, etc.) because it’s slim and easy to wear – but you want to make yourself look more attractive.

What to do? – As the baby in the belly grows up, you need to replace the quiet rivets, and the earrings are bigger and bolder. Add a bold, funky scarf.

There is nothing wrong with adding a little drama to your face – want to have your baby have fun in your stomach? Try animal prints, thick gold bracelets, bright necklaces and cocktail rings that match.

Challenge – You are tired of the clothes you wear now, but because pregnancy is coming to an end, you don’t want to buy too much clothes.

What to do? – You need to add some clothes in your closet, which can take away your boredom: when choosing shoes, no matter which style you choose, ballet style, style with a braid of kitten heels You will walk out comfortably. In addition, no laces or buckles will keep your stomach from bending.

Try to find a pair of magical animal prints or other bold colors that can help you get out of the wardrobe dilemma. In terms of the choice of shoes, use the pointed toe instead of the round shoes, which will make your legs look longer. When the baby is getting bigger, mom may need a maternity belt, the reason why they need it is to support around the midsection and to trim the waist.