3 Pregnancy Exercise promote Normal and Healthy Delivery

A pregnant mother is always thinking of her child during the crucial phase of her life which is pregnancy. There are lot of things she does which includes eating nutrient foods, getting good sleep, and overall adapting a healthy lifestyle. But one thing she often forgets is physical exercise. Most of us have this doubt that is physical exercise even possible while being pregnant. They is also fear that is associated which physical exercise. This fear is due to the physical strain that might affect the baby but the truth is otherwise. While your body is changing and according to the society norms you will take every step of yours very cautiously. The good news is that you needn’t change most of the things which you used to do before you got pregnant. The changes you are seeing in your body are due to the hormonal changes and your body prepares itself to accommodate the little one. When sister was pregnant, she was visiting a maternity hospital in mumbai, she was introduced to a lot of programmes which were a part of her delivery package. Lamaze classes and Pregnancy Exercise classes were very interesting. By the end of her 3rd trimester, she was really prepare and looking forward to her labour. It was a normal and healthy delivery.

Before you start your exercise please remember the following. Do not constrain yourself and wear tight fitting t-shirts and pants. Pick clothes that will help you breathe and move around easily. Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated all the time. Do not exercise for a very long, take breaks in-between. According to a gynecologist in chennai, the following exercise are safe and will promote normal delivery.

1. Pelvic stretch is a very simple and effective exercise for pregnant women which will promote normal delivery. Stand straight, keep your feet firm on the ground and stretch your legs apart while keeping your back firm. This will stretch your pelvic region. Repeat this for 20 times a day to get the full benefit out of it.

2. Angry cat pose is magic exercise which will help in managing the pain a pregnant woman undergoes during labour. It stretched your back muscles and makes it firm and strong. Be on all fours on the ground like a cat and pull your abdominal muscles inside and line your hips with your stomach while breathing gently.

3. Swimming is a complete body exercise which will do complete wonder to your body.

Follow the above exercise and thanks us later after your delivery.