With regular diets, Why you required to Consume foods high in Calcium?

Calcium (Ca) is a Chemical Substance. In periodic table it’s atomic number is 20. Calcium has a higher electrical resistivity compare to copper or aluminum. By mass Calcium is a major substance in living objects. In a human body major percentage of Calcium resides in bones and teethes. To keep balance Calcium in our body it is advisable to consume foods high in Calcium with your regular diet plan.

Why you required to Consume foods high in Calcium?

In day to day living we loss Calcium through nails, sweat, hairs, feces and urine. In other side our body is incapable to produce Calcium. In-case your body is not getting the required amount of Calcium to operate, it takes Calcium from our Bones. Which makes our bones week. This is the main Cause why we required to consume foods high in Calcium. Calcium helps to clot blood, makes bone & muscles strong and preventing cancers of the digestive tract.

Not only bones and teethes but also Calcium helps to proper functioning of the heart and nervous system. It plays a vital role to maintain normal blood pressure.

Is a pregnant woman required foods high in Calcium?

Yes Calcium is mandatory for a pregnant woman. During growing baby bump Calcium is essential for baby growth. Normally starting for 2nd trimester on-wards internally body growth happens rapidly. During this time Consumption of foods high in Calcium helps in faster baby growth. Makes the baby Strong. it was notice those pregnant women consumes iron & calcium during their pregnancy those babies get their teeth earlier.

What are the foods high in Calcium?

By nature there are various kinds of foods high in Calcium are available. Few of them are Seafood, Small Fishes, Dairy products or Fortified Foods. Calcium rich Seafood’s are Sardines with bones, Salmon canned with bones or Shrimp. With Seafood’s at-least once or twice in month consume Small Fishes dish. Small Fishes are very good resource for Calcium.

Few other foods high in Calcium are Broccoli, Figs, Kale, Oranges and Soy Beans. Among Dairy products Ricotta, Yogurt, Milk, Cheddar, American Cheese, Cottage Cheese and Parmesan are high Calcium rich diets. Daily before going to bed make a habit to drink one glass milk. Weekly twice or thrice drink Orange Juice with little sugar.

Among Fortified Foods you can intake Almond milk, Oatmeal, English muffin and Cereal.

How much Calcium you required per Day?

According to medical science a man below age 70 required minimum 1000 mg Calcium per day. Above 70 it’s better to take 1200 mg. Similarly for women below age 50 required to Consume 1000 mg Calcium per day. Above 50 you can go for 1200 mg. Specially for women’s after age 30 calcium deficiency creates weakness. Including your regular diets after 30 start consuming foods high in Calcium and calcium tablets. This habit keeps a woman strong during 2nd phase of the life.