How to Sleep better? – Ways to help you for Good Sleep

Good Sleep is an essential element of Life. No matter how busy you are. Keep practice to Sleep minimum 8 hours a day. This habit will help you to live healthy & smart. It’s no wonder that quality sleep is exclusive. Due to many factors we lost Good Sleep. Regular disorder of Good Sleep can make your life imbalance. In medical Science Sleeping Disorder is a diseases. Some days back I faced this problem. Nearly whole the night I am unable to sleep properly. Finally in this regard I consult my family doctor. He suggested me some tips for better sleep. In below I am sharing few tips for how to Sleep better. Better sleep can make you more productive, mentally sharp & will keep you fresh all the day.

Mental Tension

Mental Tension is one of the major barrier in your good sleep. In this business world due to many tension we are not getting good sleep at night. Try to avoid this in long term. Do some meditations to relax from Tension. Be Social, it helps to reduce mental tension. Share your problems with others. Stay relax. In this point I can suggest you please don’t take sleeping piles to sleep at night. It has bad side effects. In long run it will damage your normal living.

Use of Alcohol & Drug

Don’t Consume Alcohol or any drug. It affects nerve systems in brain. Regular use of Alcohol or any drug can stop you from a good sleep. If you are trying to sleep using Alcohol in initial days it may help you to sleep but in long run you don’t sleep as deeply and you tend to wake up a lot more often. Generally drugs act like a enzyme in your body. It makes fast to your thinking and threads. Which is a barrier to sleep better.

Physical Exercise

You may observed in general workers are getting more sleep then officers. This is because of body exercise. If in your work place you are doing your job by only sitting in a chair do practice to walk everyday. Better if you can join any GYM or do start morning walk. Physical exercise is very effective for good Sleep. It also keep you healthy. Don’t be a lazy man. Do some physical exercise every day.

Environment & Bed room

To Sleep better environment effects a lot. Noise is a barrier to Good Sleep. Keep Silence in bed room. Use clean bed-sheet & prefer recron pillows. Make sure your bed is comfortable. Before going to bed use good powder on your body. Use light room freshener in your bed time. Switch off TV & Computer set 1 hour before into sleep. Avoid bright lights before bed, use low-wattage bulbs in bed-room. For Good Sleep keep your bed-room temperature around 18° C with adequate ventilation. A bedroom that is too hot or too cold can interfere your good sleep.

Diet & Water

In order to improve your sleep, you may need to modify some of your lifestyle choices, including diet and exercise. Before into bed eat one third of your stomach. Drink 2 to 3 glass of water. Try to make dinner earlier in the evening. Avoid heavy & rich foods before two hours of Sleep. Avoid Alcohol or any other drug before going to bed. Don’t smoke before a hour into Sleep.

I am sure the above Tips will help you to achieve a good sleep. In-case you are working in shift balance your sleeping style. If you are working for night shift take a good sleep in between morning to afternoon. Don’t ever ignore your sleep. Think your body is a machine working for you day & night. It required rest to reset freshness.