Menstrual Cramps to Size of the Shoe how Pregnancy Changes the Body

Pregnancy is the duration in which the body becomes extra sensitive. Obviously, the body has to do some arrangements to support the fetus. The growing baby bump is not the only way in which the body is changed through pregnancy. Pregnancy has numerous internal changes as well. So, it’s always important to use pregnancy calculator to know the approximate date of childbirth. And the benefits that pregnancy might actually bless your body with is mind-blowing.

If you did not know already, then you should that not only are you working to provide your baby with the best environment to grow and nourish. But your baby is in return doing something for you too.

Gestation is one of the most important and exciting duration in one’s life. The list of dos and don’ts seem to keep on increasing and never-ending. But the 9-months aren’t easy. From nausea, heart-burns and different kinds of pain you might not have experienced before to untimely cravings, some days might get really hard. For this reason, people like to call pregnancy “an unpleasant and difficult experience with a very content and satisfying result”.

1. Eye-sight Changes

You might’ve commonly heard that gestation effects vision. Why? This is because as there are so many fluid, hormonal, and blood circulation alterations in the body during these 9-months, the eye-sight is somewhat altered.

If you’ve been wanting new contacts or new spectacles during these 9 months, then stop right there because it might not be smart enough to invest in those as you might actually NOT BE NEEDING them at all. Accumulation of water tends to affect the cornea by increasing its curvature along with its thickness. These changes might help you overcome the need for eyeglasses.

However, you cannot decide until you have safely delivered the baby as some changes in the body are short-lived while others might stay forever. After giving birth, you can go to an ophthalmologist to get the confirmation.

2. Reduction in Menstrual Cramps after Delivery

After you’ve given birth and your menstrual cycle continues in the normal way, there might be one surprising change you can notice and that change is cramp and pain reduction. If you have had an unpleasant experience with pregnancy before your gestation, then the good news is that it will be MUCH better now. The reason why this happens is unknown. However, the most accepted idea is the reduction of prostaglandin receptors in the uterus resulting in pain reduction.

3. Better Skin and the never-ending Glow

They say that pregnancy is the period in which women look the prettiest that they have ever looked. While the growing bump might make some insecure, the skin glow, better nails and so much more is a gift. Some women, glow like anything.

The main reasons why the skin improves during and after pregnancy are because of the increased flow of blood in the body. And an improved blood flow definitely means that a greater amount of moisture remains preserved in the skin. Different hormones which are accumulated in the body during these days such as increased levels of progesterone and human chorionic gonadotrophin which is released from the placenta, cause oil secretion by working on the sebaceous glands and yes, it makes you look like a glow queen.

4. Size of the Shoe

You might get very unhappy with this as you might have to say good-bye to your shoes to the alteration in our size of the foot. The reason for this is quite simple.

Pregnancy experts say that the normal and healthy weight which is easy to lose after delivery that should be gained by an individual should be from 25-35 lbs. However, if a woman due to her eating habits, gains more than this, then the result is the flattening of the foot arch. Moreover, the secretion of an enzyme named relaxin is produced in the body to make the body feel relaxed and this enzyme makes the foot broader and it looks more expanded.

5. The risk of Cancer – Reduced to a Greater Range

Well, it has been proved and well-known by many that pregnancy reduces the risk of breast-cancer mainly because of breastfeeding. But do you know that the risks of an individual developing other cancers such as ovarian cancers are also reduced by a surprising number? Must eat quality food during pregnancy.

YES, to top it off, the younger your age is while you first conceive, the more chances of cancer reduction there are. The significance is shown by the fact that the tissues which remain un-impacted during gestation, get a greater chance of cancer.