7 best Android Emulators for SNES to PlayStation Players

We used to play some games in our childhood. Started with SNES to PlayStation, there has been a wide variety of fantastic games, plenty of which remain fun today. Some of them have launched mobile apps, but others stay on the older console. In this article, we will discuss the 7 best Android Emulators this year, which you will surely enjoy.

1. BlueStack

Bluestacks is relatively famous and is one of the best emulators for android so far. The key reason is that it operates on PCs and MACs, leaving it available to a wider variety of users. Mainly targeted at gamers, it has already been around for quite some time and is always updated regularly. The latest upgrade increased pace, making it the most updated Android emulator existing. However, Bluestacks has a few drawbacks: it’s a little sluggish and one of the heaviest emulators available, while recent improvements have managed to boost these specific problems.

2. Dolphin Android Emulator

This software is a fascinating app. It’s been around for some time, quit, and now it’s back. The creators promise they’re going to hang around for a bit this time. This software is the only reasonably excellent Android GameCube and Wii emulator. It enables you to play ROMs from systems with complete competence. This software is still under active development, although there are a few glitches in it. This application has most of the usual functionality, like the save and load states and stuff like that. Of course, you have to have your ROMs. The emulator doesn’t offer anything on its own.

3. ePSXe Android Emulator

ePSXe is one of the popular emulators for Android, and this one focuses a bit more on accessibility. The emulator functions much of the time. All you have to do is launch your ROM, and you’re good to go. This software also provides a stable virtual keyboard configuration, hardware controller support and the usual stuff like save and load states. People that don’t want to change their settings should certainly get this one. It’s for $3.75, which doesn’t require any in-app transactions, although there’s no free if you want to see the demo.

4. EmuBox Android Emulator

EmuBox includes a specific collection of supported programs. This also promotes easy-to-use content design in addition to traditional emulator functionality such as saving and loading states, a fast forward feature, virtual controller support, and much more. You can also change the settings here with this app to get more results. Emubox Android emulator should prove to be an advantage on lower-end computers. However, this program does include advertisements. We’d suggest a way to purchase a premium edition and avoid advertisements, but otherwise, it’s awesome.

5. Dig – Emulator Front-End

Dig is a front-end emulator. Currently, it doesn’t play any games of its own. But, it helps you to arrange your games through several consoles all in one location. The software scans games instantly and assigns them to various groups. It supports 83 systems, compatibility for specific file formats and also adjustable themes. You may enter the game to launch the correct emulator on your smartphone, or the software will send you to the Play Store to get one. It’s a perfect option for those with bigger game collections.

6. John NESS & John GBAC

John emulators do a few pretty nice emulator games. Their decent ROM support is solid as a rock, the simple functionality, and some extra fun things like cheating codes and fast forward features. They both have free options and a premium edition that costs $4.49 each. The developer turned off the older emulators with modern models. Some people were frustrated, but the latest apps are just as amazing as the old ones.


So these 6 emulators mentioned above are one of the best Android Emulators today. Get your smartphone, go to the Play Store, and start downloading your favorite childhood game. Anyone who downloads one of these apps will surely bring them back to their childhood.

And even those who haven’t tried the old emulators yet, like the 20’s babies, for sure, once they get their hands on it, will surely find themselves enjoying it. So don’t waste any more time, it will help you entertain yourself during this time of the pandemic.