Top India Fashion Week (Lakme Fashion Week, Manish Malhotra …)

Top India Fashion Week (Lakme Fashion Week, Manish Malhotra ...)

The domain of Indian fashion is extremely chivalric and monumental as the entire country’s demography. The Indian fashion shows are held high in the global fashion industry as one of the most influential podiums. The Indian fashion forecast mentions it the scenario of rubbing shoulders with New York, Milan, Paris and London. This sumptuous victory is undoubtedly a credit to Indian designers fore-running the shape of India as the global industry melting pot. This grandiosity tribute gushes out both beauty and brains. G dark horse, here is a list of popular fashion events taking place across India.


Lakme Fashion Week

LFW is organized in Mumbai. It is a bi-annual fashion event of India. The very first show named Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort is scheduled in February and the second event named Lakme Fashion Week Winter Event is scheduled in August. This is the most prominent of all the popular Indian fashion shows and is controlled by the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) along with Lakme sponsorship.

Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week

23rd edition of Wills Lifestyle India indulged in a joyous celebration in New Delhi. Similar to LFW, this fashion show is also a bi-annual event. Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week showcases the summer as well as the winter collections. The Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 2014 saw 118 prominent and young designers who offered a grand sum of 31 shows for this event. The women’s wear bi-annual prêt weeks is run by FDCI under the sponsorship of Wills Lifestyle. Its establishment took place a year after LFW i.e. in 2000.


India Bridal Fashion Week

India Bridal Fashion Week is held in both the major heartthrobs of the country- Mumbai and Delhi. It is among those top four fashion events that are held twice a year in the country. Currently bagged with Aamby Valley Sponsorship, this bridal fashion event boasts few of the best available designs and trends in the country’s bridal couture from all leading fashion designers.


Rajasthan Fashion Week

Established in 2012, Rajasthan Fashion Week managed well to secure its position among the most popular fashion shows in India. This eponymous event of grandiosity is flanked by glamor doses and latest age facets. It is getting bigger and bigger with the presentation of each and every event right from its launch. An extended version of Starlite Entertainment, Mumbai; the Rajasthan Fashion Week (RFW) pays tribute not only to the native designers but also welcomes rest of the prominent fashion gurus for showcasing their magnificent creations.

Van Heusen India Men’s Week

Not only ladies have the leverages to fashion! Even the gentlemen are in the game these days. Letting India secure 4th position in the list of world’s capital for men’s wear, FDCI had launched the much awaited very first ever men’s fashion show with the Van Heusen India Mens Week in 2009. For four years till date, this fashion show has been offering audiences an excellent show of elan and creativity from the pioneers of India taking the Indian menswear to a whole new level of applauds.

Synergy 1 Delhi Couture Week

The core founders and the fashion connoisseurs like Ritu Kumar and Tarun Tahiliani introduced the couture culture, only after which, it emerged as one of the most sought luxury elements in today’s date. Ensemble introduced this longest standing Indian convention and was revamped post boutique era. While the world had already appreciated and admired the French couture from Christian Dior- the works of John Galliano; India found its own couture king in the prominent Tarun Tahiliani.

Bangalore Fashion Week

Indian fashion domain is quite vast and fashion novice look forward to seek an entry in it. The BFW allows ultimate exposure to buyers, and enables media to establish a connection with the Indian fashion industry. Alternatively, it also offers the budding designers a noticeable debut, resulting into strengthening of their foot in Indian fashion domain. In addition to these, the BFW organized a world tour for showcasing India’s craftsmanship. The 1st international event was held in Bangkok in 2013 while the other one in Dubai followed the same year.

North India Fashion Week

Just like the name suggests, North India Fashion Week focuses to showcase the rich and best talent craftsmanship from Northern part of India at eclectic locations. NFIW’s operations target the vertical limits of consultancy, retail and exposure for zealous fashion-forwards and aspiring designers. This event is considered to be a ‘one stop solution’ in fashion industry, shaping up the lifestyle spaces through their market-driven strategy and in-depth talent.