Local SEO Strategies for your Business using paid Guest Posting Services

Small businesses depends upon local SEO to grow their Sales. Local SEO is nothing but the SEO tricks using which we can drive leads to the business from your locality. For an example let you are Selling Herbal products for Diabetes patients in a city like Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Followed by Local SEO you need to find out Customers from Bhubaneswar as well as it’s nearer Cities like Khurda, Puri and Cuttack. Under local SEO classified posting, yellow pages listing, google map or Guest Posting Services comes into picture.

Compare to Guest Posting Classified posting or yellow page listing give less stability for backlinks. There are possibility that may the admin delete your listing. Classified posting or yellow page list is less Google friendly compare to a 1000+ words Guest posting. From Guest Posting your business can have Do-follow links where from Classified listing your link is no-follow.

Why and whom Local SEO is required?

Use the power of web. Many sellers are selling their various products using internet. Starting from a Saree shop to Jewellery Shop or a Service like pest control can sale online in their Locality. Refer by Google daily thousand searches coming from your locality related to your business. You only need to grab them using quality marketing tricks.

Hacks for Local SEO Success using paid Guest Posting Services

So here you are selling Herbal products for Diabetes patients in Bhubaneswar. As you know there are many users from your locality searching herbal medicines for diabetes. Here question comes “How to reach them?”. These are the fellows who can buy your products.

Research and find a suitable topic with title which can related to your products. Let us go 1 by 1. Title is the most important factor which helps in local Search. For an example here you can go for a topic with title “Herbal to lower blood sugar in Diabetes patients in Bhubaneswar”. Here you have 2 keywords “Diabetes patients in Bhubaneswar” and “Herbal to lower blood sugar”. For local SEO you need to focus on the keyword Diabetes patients in Bhubaneswar. Don’t stop your-self to a single keyword. Create all possible keywords matching for your business need. Some of the example of keyword matching for Diabetes patients are Herbal for “Diabetes in Bhubaneswar” or “Control Sugar in Bhubaneswar”. Research and list our such keywords in a excel file before buying guest posting services.

Open Google map and check the Cities near your city with-in 30 to 35 km. Here Cuttack, Puri and Khurda are 3 nearer cities of Bhubaneswar. Expand your keyword base to “Diabetes patients in Cuttack”, “Diabetes patients in Puri” and “Diabetes patients in Khurda”. Like the above use keywords matching theory for these 3 keywords. In this way collect 250 to 300 targeted keywords and start developing related contents followed by related keywords for your sales. While deciding an article first think how the story can relate to your business or direct sale.

For better results in local SEO Search list of popular places and market areas inside the city Bhubaneswar. For example, “Sahid Nagar”, “Old Town” or “Vani Vihar”. Do keyword research and build the list like “Diabetes patients in Sahid Nagar”, “Diabetes patients in Old Town” and “Diabetes patients in Vani Vihar”.

Content development Guidelines to follow

In your Content repeat focus keyword 3 to 5 times. Make the article 1000 or 1200+ words. Before publishing check spelling and grammatical errors. Use sub-heading in your Content. Add 1 do-follow and 1 no-follow link to your Content. Use suitable images inside your story. While placing image tags make practice to add title and alt tag with the image. According to the placement zone fix the image size. Don’t go for a larger image unless until it’s a business need. Heavy images make the performance poor. Inside paragraphs highlight the key phrases or sentences using font style bold. While writing first paragraph for your story, never forget to write a sentence followed by your focus keyword. Avoid to give link from the Article to focus keyword.

On-page Optimization Guidelines to dominate Competitors

While publishing use meta description with title. Keep your meta description length 150 to 160 characters. Use focus keyword once in meta description. Maintain well keyword density. For 1000 words long article you can add 2 to 3 links. If more links you are adding refer to any business need use rel=”nofollow” tag while placing anchor tags. Use 3 to 4 # tags in your article. For example “diabetes”, “diabetes patients”, “patients in bhubaneswar” and “blood sugar in bhubaneswar”. Choose proper Category to place your Articles. In this way there are more chance to getting leads.

While publishing a guest post related to Local SEO inside the article or in footer provide business details. Now-a-day WhatsApp in demand. Add WhatsApp number to your business articles. While placing a WhatsApp number use https://wa.me/ link with anchor tag. Make sure by clicking on the link user can reach you in WhatsApp.

How does Google work?

Million Searches coming per minutes to Google Search. Using Guest Posting with high authority Sites your articles will index in Google. For your business keywords if your article is getting ranking at least among top 30 records of Google Search make sure you will get leads. Including Local SEO not only you will get clients from your locality but also you can have many international or national clients. Google is very genuine about keywords and ranking. Once your keyword ranked in regular basis you will have Clients from Google Search. Many businesses are running behind this Concept. Google made online marketing easier and stable.

Additional tips for Local SEO Success

1. Optimize for Google My Business page. List your business in Google and Bing maps. Ask your follower, friends and relative to write positive reviews. Maintain 4 to 5 in rating.

2. In Social media do posting related to Google My Business. Use Social medias like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Go for image marketing using Instagram and Pinterest. Follow more people in your locality. While posting a post in Facebook or twitter use # tags.

3. Keep business details consistent online. Online businesses run over link and business details. Don’t change Contact number or business email ids frequently. The post you share 3 yrs. ago can bring business today online. So avoid to change business contact details.

4. Perform a Local SEO audit quarterly.

5. Add location page to your articles page. Embed Google map if possible.

6. Participate in your local groups and communities.