Know the Importance of Student Teacher Relationship

The process of effective learning is dependent on the student teacher relationship. The students are regarded as the building blocks of nation and teachers are perceived as the builders of any nation. There is a strong nexus between the two and they both can play an active part in the process of learning. The teachers should be role models to their students and must respect their students so that students can also regard their teachers. The importance of student teacher relationship is discussed in this article.

1. Effective Learning

The learning is the fundamental part of education. The way, a teacher deals his/her students, influences the process of learning. The teacher should be polite and concerned and must regard his/her students. If students are relaxed in the presence of their teachers then there are quite high chances of quality learning. The students learn more in the presence of polite and concerned teacher.

2. Ethical Values

Teachers can play a crucial part in the character building of their students. The students spend most of their times in classrooms under the supervision of teachers. Therefore, teachers can contribute a lot in teaching ethical values to students. The education without ethics is vague and futile. A good teacher is referred to as a ‘blessing’ because he/she can play a constructive role in shaping the personalities of his/her students.

3. Leadership Characteristics

A teacher should try his/her best to teach the leadership skills to his/her students. Leadership skills can be enhanced by conducting activities related to leadership. They would feel empowered by accomplishing projects assigned to them.

4. Communication

A good communication is a very important thing between a student and a teacher. Students who are scared and hesitant in communicating with their teachers are not good at communication; they are hesitant in communicating to others. A good communication between a teacher and a student is important as it will make students confident communicators.

5. Confidence

If students are dealt with dignity they will also respect their teachers. The healthy relationship between a teacher and a student is very helpful in fostering self-confidence and dignity. The students who are treated well by their teachers are confident as compared to those students who are ill-treated by their teachers.

6. Healthy Personality

Teachers who treat their students with respect are grown as healthy individuals. The personality is more flexible in early phases of life and the people (teachers & friends) students encounter in their early stages of life play an important role in shaping their personalities. A healthy student teacher relationship is essential for promoting healthy personality traits in students.

These are some of the points highlighting the importance of the student teacher relationship. Teachers are the most important individuals as they develop the personalities of the students. They must be tolerant enough and must treat students with respect and care. The ethical values should be practiced by teachers so that students can adopt these values. Teachers can lead their students in right direction.