A few Secrets to Building High Quality Links to your Website

Looking forward to building High Quality Links for your website? Here are some tips:

Get Blogger Reviews for Products

Most business owners are sure of the power of back-linking strategy. Here, you simply need to offer your product/service/subscription for free. Offer these to your bloggers who would write reviews about them.

Most bloggers these days write reviews on products/services within their niche. So right from the beauty and makeup industry, finance, software programs, food, baby products, and many more, there are bloggers in almost every field. Product reviews make for a great way to earn a living. No wonder bloggers write about products they get for free. Additionally, these reviews have a link pointing to the business offering the product. Hence, a synergistic connection between bloggers and business owners is established.

So find bloggers in your niche, offer them a gift and wait for results. Don’t forget to ask them for a backlink or a review in your email.

Get Links for Favors and Jobs

Before starting off with anything, it is important to remember that Google penalizes websites for partaking in a link exchange. So avoid getting over enthusiastic or getting carried away when building High Quality Links! Here are a few things you can consider that are okay to do in this respect.

First, think of design a banner for another person’s site. This will help you get a link in return. Next, you can write a piece of programming code for somebody’s project. Another idea is to contribute to a group project. Translating text into a different language will also give you desired results. Writing a high quality guest post is an effective way to attract links. In short, you can get links via giving others a helping hand. When you do work that benefits them, you will get favors too.

Help Journalists

This is a highly competitive yet effective and valuable process of earning inbound links. You need to help journalists gather material for their content / articles. It is not necessary to reach out to them directly. Most of the reputed SEO services and experts recommend this trick to the companies, freelance experts and agencies. Online library website HARO will help you with this. It is by far the most popular sourcing service for news people. Once you register at HARO, emails related to reporters looking for sources will pour daily. Although most of these requests may be irrelevant to you, some are bound to be directly related to your niche.

Write a response that answers the questions of reporters included in email. The key is to write something that can be inserted in the article directly. This should be done in a very detailed, highly informative and professional way. Close your reply with your author bio and a link to your website. In case, the reporter is satisfied with your email, you will get a notification about its success. This is precisely how you will earn a backlink.

Focus on Developing Viral Contents

People have an affinity towards things that are attractive, entertaining and leave a good impression on others. The World Wide Web is great medium for that. Many people spend most of their time watching amusing videos all day. Such type of content is in high demand among internet visitors.

When you put viral content to good use, you will be able to get the best backlinks. Some of the best examples of online entertainment that earn more links than attractive infographics include pictures of cute babies, animals, inspirational quotes, shocking content, controversial posts, trending topics, humorous content, overly long lists, some curious facts, quizzes, contests, and breaking news.

Speak at Events and Meet-ups

Once you have managed to earn yourself some reputation and fame, others will consider you important. They will consider an important figure to speak at events. Now this means you can use it to your advantage. In case, the host owns a website that announces the event on one of its pages, you simply require ask the host to mention you and your own website there. This will let you have yourself a new backlink. Depending on the number of audience attending the event, you can have the kind of traffic you wish to have.

Link Round-Ups

Some of the bloggers release collations of links to other posts on a weekly and monthly basis. However, this would require a huge and dedicated blogging team. These collations are referred to as link round-ups. The collations are aimed at sharing high quality content from sources other than the blog itself. In case, you have some high quality content you have created recently, it is possible for you to become one of those sources, too! You simply need to follow a few steps and the task is done. Start off with having fresh, premium quality content ready on your site. Now locate sites in your niche that do link round-ups. A single Google search will help you do this. The next step is to email those who publish round-up posts and recommend they mention your content in their next update. In case, your content is deemed fit, a new inbound link will be seen in the next round-up. Also check domain authority of the site in advance.

Also expect the opposite to happen. It is possible that the blogger takes the initiative and reach out to the sources. The blogger can choose a number of experts, put up a few queries and include answers in the post with links to their websites.

A situation like this is not under your control unless you are the one collecting material. Once you have published your round-up, ask experts to link to it on their own websites. Make sure you give them a deadline.

Get Newsworthy

Getting famous will help. Modern technology helps news to spread like wildfire. People like sharing news as soon as they hear about them. Big uproars spark big debates. So there’s definitely a significant chance others will link to your site at least once per discussion. Although the excitement for topic may fade with time; the links will continue to survive.

When it comes to getting famous, there’s no universal way out. However, discussions make people get together. This makes them famous.