Examining the Functioning of SEO and working of a Search Engine

All businesses need to grow and generate revenue to continue functioning without a loss. Finding new audiences interested in your business’s services thus becomes vital for any profit-oriented company or institution. SEO services offer quantitative and qualitative solutions that can boost your business and help gain more traction with your online website or product.

By utilizing the agencies that provide SEO in Adelaide for one’s business, a company’s revenue generation can be majorly boosted.

Why understand the working of a Search Engine?

Understanding how a search engine operates and its mechanisms to select and choose from the plethora of available data is important for business.

Research has suggested that 91% of the pages on the most popular search engine, Google, do not get genuine traffic. This is because a business’s content needs to be available to the search engine for it to show up on the results page.

By streamlining the content of your website, advertisement to suit the tools used in a search engine, a business can better ensure that its content appears on top of a search engine results page. Utilizing the help of professionals experienced with SEO in Adelaide can be extremely beneficial.

Search Engines and How they work?

The three primary functions and tools used by search engines are:

Crawling – It involves searching the internet for specific content and checking the code for each URL the search engine finds.

Indexing – This step comes after crawling as it involves organizing and then storing the content that has been found during the first stage. By storing a page in the index, it can be shown as a result of a relevant question in the future.

Ranking – The search engine decides which content will answer the audience’s question in the best manner. The relevance of the different content is determined by giving a ranking to all the data available.

Crawling Elaborated

The first stage in the working of a Search Engine is crawling. The name comes from the search engine sending out small robots known as spiders or crawlers to find updated, fresh and new content. This content can be in the form of an image. Web page, video, PDF etc., and the crawlers discover it using the specific links.

Search Engine Index

Search engines store all the data and information found through crawling in an index. Thus the search engine index refers to all the content that has been deemed relevant and of a good quality to be used in subsequent result pages.

Search Engine Ranking

Once the search engine stores any content in their index, the next time someone searches something relevant to it, the engine draws that up and suggests it. However, the order of determining which content is more relevant to the question posed in the search bar is done by a process known as ranking. Each website or alternative forms of content are ranked according to certain features.

It is beneficial for a business or a website owner to get a high ranking so that their content can be the most accessible on the platform. There are different ways of increasing a website’s ranking, but a crucial thing to keep in mind is to ensure that a website is indexable.

Websites have the option of blocking search engine crawlers from accessing and registering their content. Many times businesses may opt for this feature. However, this also prevents them from being indexed and ranked in the search engine system.


It is important to understand the way a search engine operates to ensure that your business gets a wider audience on this platform. Often availing the services of external and well-reputed SEO in Adelaide can help greatly in this context.

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