Whitehat Practices to follow while buying Guest Posting Services

Looking to Create healthy lifelong backlinks for your Business? On the way Guest Posting is a best approach. Article marketing works much better than any other marketing tricks we use under Digital Marketing. A deep link from Guest Posting give better stability for ranking as well as helps to drive referral traffic. You or your marketing panel is decided to buy Guest Posting Services to generate leads or do-follow link? Offcourse your marketing panel can go for Guest Posting Services as your next level of digital marketing. But keep noted there are some key definitions are there to obey. It makes the journey easier and fruitful.

Practices to follow during you buy Guest Posting Services

1. Find out which are the Websites working in your Domain. List them all and connect them for Guest Posting. You are right here I am taking about niche based guest blogging sites. Guest Posting in niche-based blogs gives better results than general.

2. Always prefer paid Guest Posting Service rather a free one. Because using paid posting you can claim your link until the end of Contract. I noticed sometime after a week or a month many bloggers removing the free Guest Posts links from their blogs.

3. Prepare well SEO and Readability Optimized 1000+ words article. For this you can take the help of professional Content Writers if needed. If you are Creating the article by your own then follow basic Content development strategies. Starting Topic Title to Sub-headings while deciding keep SEO in focus.

4. While sending the Article to the publisher with the Word file don’t forgot to share plagiarism free report and link placement details. You can check your article in CopyScape for plagiarism. During the deal whatever the link type you decided to buy from the provider mention that with your Order. In word file inside content add the hyperlink as well as while placing order mention keywords and links placed in side the article.

5. Never ignore to share meta description for the article while placing Order for Guest Posting. Followed by on-page SEO your meta descrition need to be 100 to 160 words. Search engines after title focused on meta descrition. While writing meta descrition keep in mind this helps in indexing. In meta description it is a good practice to use keyword once. Never over optimize meta tags.

6. Featured image is a user drive activity of Guest Posting. While placing Order don’t forgot to enclose a suitable resolution image file. If required its better to check sample releases of the same publisher for image resoultion. Its much better if your publisher allow multiple images in the same article. As a assumption if your article is 800 to 1000 words, you can use 2 to 3 images including featured image.

7. Ask your publisher to add # tags in your article. Atleast 3 tags related to your story.

Things to verify after Live link

Do a cross check that the article you or your marketing team Submitted is the copy of published one. The link you placed inside your story is live? If live then what is the link type do-follow or no-follow?

Next to check the link pointing from the live article is reaching the url you shared the time of order.

Is images are placed properly?

With live link do check the SEO factors like Title tag, Meta description, Keyword desnsity, Sub-headings and page speed and performace.

Now-a-day Google indexed very quickly. Even less than 24 hours. Waiting until 48 hours and re-check is your link indexed in Google Search. For that Copy the link provided by publisher and search in Google Search. If you getting the article listed in Google search results then everything is ok or else ask the publisher to index your live link.

No matter how many orders or live links you buy from the global publishers or bloggers, keep noted all them in a excel file. Until the end of contract ask your SEO panel to re-check the live link status quaterly once. This activity helps to maintain ranking.


I experienced getting valid links from Guest Posting is a approach that Google not penalized. But very Careful. Create backlinks with limitation. A single un-natural activity can penalize your blog in Google. Which directly afects organic traffic as well as AdSense earning. Go for 2 to 3 Guest posts per day. If your publisher allow you to insert link in existing articles in that case go for link insertion rather a fresh Guest post. If you are looking only for a do-follow link then link insertion is the best approach. In other way if looking to target search engines to generate targetted leads then fresh Guest Posting in better.