What is Evergreen Content and Why it’s Important for SEO?

If you work in digital marketing or help to run a website, you may have come across the term ‘evergreen content’. Evergreen articles are incredibly important for your brand’s SEO and online visibility, so it’s something you definitely need to have a marketing strategy for.

What is Evergreen Content?

Just as the name would suggest, evergreen content consists of articles or content on your website that won’t go out of date. It’s not based around seasonality or the latest trend but will stand the test of time on your website without needing very much (if any) updating, meaning that it will consistently deliver traffic to your website.

Why is Evergreen Content Important for SEO?

Evergreen content is key for helping you rank for keyword terms on search engines. As the topics won’t go out of date, they are usually the core focus of your business and allow you to create content based on your most important keywords that can link effortlessly through to other pages on your site. Plus, once you’ve put the initial work in, they can just do their thing and help to bring those leads to your pages.

Good Evergreen Content Examples

Good examples of evergreen content will vary depending on your business. However, if you’re struggling to think of evergreen topics, think of the key questions a brand-new customer might be searching for and provide them with the answers. For example, a home improvement company might create a piece on the top DIY tips for beginners, rather than something on the latest interior trend. Similarly, a beauty brand could write about how to clean your makeup brushes instead of the ever-changing beauty trends.

What Evergreen Content is NOT?

If you’re looking for evergreen content ideas but are not sure what really counts as ‘evergreen’, there are some common article types that you should avoid. News stories, articles based on statistics, and trend, fad or pop culture related content will quickly go out of date. While these content pieces do have their place and are important for keeping your finger on the pulse, they should not make up part of your evergreen content strategy.

Top tips for Writing Evergreen Contents

1. Write for Beginners

When you’re in an industry, it’s easy to think that all of your customers know as much about your products and services as you do. Remember, many of the people landing on these evergreen articles are brand new customers just searching Google for help, advice, or inspiration. Writing clearly, avoiding industry lingo and providing educational content develops a level of trust that helps to convert this reader to a paying customer.

2. Keep your Topics narrow

To help specifically target certain keywords and search terms, don’t make your article too broad. Break it down into separate, clear and concise pieces that are packed with keywords that flow naturally.

3. Link, link, link

You’ve got them to your site thanks to your high ranking, evergreen content, but now you need to keep them there. Without making it overly salesy, make reference to other articles or products and services you offer and link through to the relevant pages.

You shouldn’t solely rely on evergreen content as it’s just as important to rank for those on-trend search terms too, but they have huge potential to help you rank highly on search engines for months or years to come. A strong mix of both evergreen and topical content is the key to success.