Common mistakes of Website Design that affects your SERP

Website SEO and design are closely connected with website usability – convenience in usage. If you plan to promote a website in the future, make sure that you have taken into account the significant moments concerning design and its flexibility. Weblium developers have huge experience in launching websites of the most diverse types. Below you can find some useful tips for finding the balance between SEO and design.

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The Connection between SEO and Design

The adaptive design is the first important point. Desktop and mobile versions appear in searching results as separate. If you don’t have adapted versions for different devices, you just miss a certain share of prospective website traffic. Those users, who managed to find it, will leave due to the inconvenience in usage.

It is also significant to pay attention to SEO optimization on the stage of prototyping. It is crucial to leave some room for full-featured content: titles of different levels, texts, images, etc. If there is no opportunity to alter a chosen template, there are high chances to fail with SEO promotion.

UI/UX is one more point to take into consideration, especially when we speak about e-commerce and web shops. Usability completely determines whether a customer will find your website and shop there.

Weblium also admits that web users and searching engines see every website in their own ways, focusing attention on the particular points of interest. Thus, developers need to focus on both.

Users Requirements

Design should be visually pleasant. Otherwise, a user will receive the negative impression before they even start exploring the website (if they even proceed).

Navigation should be clear and convenient. Users want to find their way around the website with ease. If a person finds it too convoluted and complex, they will leave and never come back.

Ill-sorted fonts are a trouble. If the combination of letter type & color and background does not work well, only an extremely interested person will stay and look up for necessary information. However, the intense competition significantly reduces the probability.

Adaptive website is what developers should aim for. The website should be displayed properly on every existing device, regardless of screen size and resolution.

Searching Engines Requirements

Website size. Robots process only a part of the code, which doesn’t exceed a set size, which differs depending on a particular searching engine – usually from 5 to 8 Kb.

No excess elements. When the code is overloaded with CSS tables, JavaScript code, automatically generated tags, and similar elements make a negative impression on searching engines, for they increase the size and loading time. It is advised to store these elements in separate modules.

Internal searching. The searching functionality inside the website is welcome, even if it is released through integration with a particular searching engine.

Text at the top. Placing text elements at the top of the page are rather a friendly suggestion, which actually influences website ranking.

5 Common Mistakes of Website Design

Unreadable Texts – Low contrast between text and background color, small font, and similar mistakes can result in a serious failure. The website can be even excluded from indexing.

Non-Operational Links – When a user clicks on a link and appears on a page with 404 error or the one which is under construction, it influences website’s image negatively.

Excessive Frames and Flash Animation – Using flash animation in navigation makes indexing much more complicated for searching engines. Besides, it makes a page heavier, as well as frames usage.

Big Text Size – Some webmasters place the text that doesn’t fit into 5-10 scrolls. Keywords are lost in the abundance of text, making the page less relevant for searching engines. Think of a website like it is a book, where important information is distributed between chapters.

Excess of Graphic Elements – If designers forget that every page should contain appropriate text in addition to nice images, search engines don’t. This moment always influences the loading speed.

If you want to be certain to avoid the above-mentioned mistakes, feel free to launch your website together with the Weblium team. Besides the efficient SEO and unique design, you can expect assistance on all stages and further maintenance.