Tricks to Create intuitive Website Design that Sells

Driving traffic is the prime and common goal of every website owner. Since we are standing in 2018 and billions of websites are out there competing for the best spot, it’s important that you make your website stand out among all. While that is quite tough & needs a sheer expertise to do that, various web design companies like Intlum Technology are there to convey you the tricks to develop the best website that drives traffic and revenue.

In today’s world, a website is considered as the most powerful weapon to amplify your business. Thus, you have to be prompt and precautious in terms of designing your website by choosing only the best user experience design company for the job. Below are some tricks to make your website design stand out among all. After all it’s the design that brings the eyeballs, isn’t it? So, let’s take a tour of the most viable tactics of web design which will let you design your website in the most beautiful and creative way possible.

Keep a Simple Design

If you are designing a website for a startup or any kind of businesses as such, keeping the design clean and simple is the foremost trick to make the design sell. The user interface, CTA, navigation, and search bar should be easy to understand and clearly designed. Also, write a persuasive headline to attract the visitors.

Pick up different colors that will match one another. Colors leave a great impact on users’ mind and you can also make use of contrasting colors to highlight certain contents like your CTA button to grab the attention of the users. Ask your web development company to work on the simplicity of the design.

Responsive Design

Responsiveness has become one of the most important and recognized aspect of a website’s success amongst the competition. Since myriads of people are making use of mobile to access the internet and websites for their daily needs, it has become a necessity to make your website fit to the small screen devices like mobiles and tablets.

The website developed dedicatedly for desktops may not work as per your expectation on the mobile devices. There can be navigational malfunction, alignment issues, slow loading time, and horizontal scrolling problems. If you do not optimize your website to be a responsive one, you are certainly going to miss the mobile users who are growing on a rapid pace.

Typography and Readability

Typography has come up with a huge recognition in the late past and prioritized by most of the web development companies. People, these days, are using various kinds of typographies to enhance their website’s design and contents visibility. A plethora of different typographies are used on different sites as per the website nature.

On the other hand, you also need to prioritize your website’s readability. If the contents you post on your site are not easily readable, the online users would not show any mercy on you. They will simply leave your site and probably will never come again. Since the internet audience never give you second chances, you have to be careful with your website’s content and its readability. They should be clear and comprehensible in terms of fonts and whitespace.

Prioritize Whitespace

Whitespace is one of the most important factors of a website’s design but often ignored. Prominently used whitespace always creates the space to breathe for your website visitors. With all the information, texts, images, and videos filled in your site, the whitespace is something that keeps the clutter away. If used appropriately, the whitespace will enhance the value of your website’s design way further. And the more users feel comfortable on your website, the better chances you have to have them converted.

Wrapping Up

So, the above are the top 4 tips for you to avail in terms of obtaining a highly converting design. You have to understand and accept one point that the design is the very basic aspect that brings you the traffic and when a user lands on your website, the first thing he/she notices on your website is the design. So, you must create an alluring design to make them stick to your site. You can create a design by yourself or consult a web design company to do the job for you with the utmost proficiency.