Tips for Choosing Canvas Printing for your Business

Though traditional paper prints suffice in a lot of cases, the beauty of a canvas printing is beyond compare. If you have an image that is beautiful and close to your heart, you can display it in your personal or professional space through a brilliant canvas print. Not only does it look stunning but it offers a practical way to showcase your personality and style. Ranging from family portraits and vacation pictures to beautiful paintings and inspirational photos, canvas printing allows one to print anything in a cost-effective manner. Moreover, it’s just not only the homes that are being decorated with these enchanting prints. These prints have become a great way to boost the interest of people in your own brand. Till now, it was just the posters and vinyl prints creating an impact on the growth of businesses. Slowly but steadily, canvas prints are proving to be a good promotional product for your business offerings.

Why are People Choosing Canvas Printing for Promoting Business?

If you choose a quality image for a canvas print, it’s the depth and the texture of this print which captures the attention of the onlookers. Not only can you observe the stunning colours and get an identical image reproduction but you can use it for a much longer time than other types of prints due to its lasting durability. It gives an amazing three-dimensional appearance to your carefully selected photo and showcases your level of professionalism and market standing.

Carefully chosen images printed on canvas can really help promote your business due to their stunning quality of colours and print production that produces a great 3D effect. Though canvas printing is not rocket science, its effects on people and the impression it creates is unmatchable. For everything to go perfectly for your next canvas print, here are some tips to remember while choosing canvas printing for your business:

Selecting the Best Photos

Even if you have access to the latest printing technologies at hand and in talks with experienced printing service providers for the same, things can go wrong. Even with the best effects and digital enhancements, a poor quality image will not be able to strike a chord with your probable customers. So, make sure that you select a photo with a high pixel count, that lies between 150-33 PPI. As your image will be enlarged to fit your picked canvas size, this range will lead to non-blurry and high quality prints. Besides, if your chosen photo or image has good original lighting, the results will be magnificent. If your image resolution is less than 150 PPI, it will lead to low-quality prints which will lead to wastage of your money and resources.

Choosing the Right Canvas Size and Shape

Now that we have considered the importance of good quality of images to be replicated onto a canvas print, the next important thing to consider is the shape and size of the canvas. You have to check if you have selected a portrait or a landscape photo. Enacting carefully on this observation can help you get the best prints possible. For example, for a portrait, choose a vertical rectangular frame to fit in most of the body form. If it’s a close-up shot of just a face or the upper body, you should choose a square frame.

Checking for Wrapping

A canvas material is actually stretched over a wooden frame. This process is called wrapping. Many times, people do not pay much attention and this may lead to an essential part of the image being lost. If your printers are genuine and having years of experience, they will tell you about how much margin should be put on the photo in order to get the best print possible. The printers may ask you to choose between a Gallery wrap and Museum Wrap. In the first type of wrapping technique, the photo or image can be viewed from the front, top, bottom and the sides. Museum wrap canvases allow you to view the entire image from the front with no print stretching over the sides. The sides, tops, and bottoms of museum wrap canvases have instead, a blank border. This gives museum wrap canvases a more modern look compared to conventional framing.

If you are planning to promote your business, large prints formats are the way to go. Hope these tips help you garner the best reaction. Good quality canvas prints is what will set you apart from your competitors. When choosing a canvas, reflect upon the size of your image and take a wise decision. The bigger the size of your canvas, the better the quality and resolution of image or photo to be printed should be. Choose trustworthy printing services who will understand your requirements clearly, advice you professionally on what’s best and offer you a high-quality canvas prints.