200+ Contextual Links from Free Guest Posting using Web 2.0 Sites

Free Guest Posting is a Content Marketing trick using which we can drive leads to any Online Businesses. As you know in web thousands of Bloggers accepting free Guest Posts in their blogs. Free Guest Posts helps both bloggers as well as sponsors to boost their Sales. From the Chapter of Lead Generation Free Guest Posting Services are the most Cost-effective solutions. Nearly all bloggers are actively seeking quality guest post for their blog. If your Story is well optimized to drive Organic traffic you will get sufficient high domain authority blogs to publish for Free.

Web 2.0 Sites are generally those Sites which allow sharing and collaboration to people and help them to express themselves online. Nearly 70% above Web 2.0 Sites allow to Create a HTML page. Facebook and WordPress both are Web 2.0 Sites. Using Facebook you can Create Posts, Articles or a Profile (business or personal) links. Whenever using WordPress you can create a blog or website. It’s not bad to gain links from Facebook Posts, Articles or Profile links but these links are not useful for rank manipulation. Wherever a do-follow link from the blog you Create by WordPress helps in ranking.

What is Free Guest Blogging?

Free Guest Blogging is nothing but the way to publish your articles in others blog as a Guest. Guest blogging offers a number of benefits for any business. Using Guest Posting we can boost our Brand visibility, Link authority and Domain rating. In global market there are many SEO and Digital Marketing Companies provides Guest Posting Services. For a blog with DA more than 70+ some SEO Companies are charging 200 USD for publishing 1 article with 1 do-follow link. If you are directly going for PBN sites and site owners then may be the price is lower.

Where from I will get Articles for Free to publish in my Blogs?

The most easiest way to get free Articles for your blog is Facebook marketing. Using few simple tricks, you can get sponsors from Facebook. Hope you have an active account in Facebook. Login there and start following “Guest Posting” or “Guest Posting Services” or “Paid Guest Posting” or “Free Guest Posting Services” kind of public Groups. Once you join the group in your timeline you can see many posts related to Guest Posting. Some of them are Sponsors and Some of them are Bloggers. To find articles for your blog keep posting in those groups that your blog accepting free Guest Posts. While posting a Facebook ad don’t forget to add a suitable image. Compare to text-based Facebook posts image-based posts grab more attention.

One more activity you can do is using Facebook messenger message the bloggers that your blog accepting Free Guest Posts.

List of high-quality Web 2.0 Sites for free Guest Posting

Getting a lifelong Do-Follow link from any others blog followed by an article is a quite impossible task. This is because of many bloggers never like to Sell a do-follow link from their blog. More Outbound Do-Follow links decreases Blog authority. A do-follow link means during indexing Search engines consider the link for ranking. It was noticed after a month or year many bloggers remove the paid link from their blog.

So, what is next? How to add some lifelong do-follow links to your Blog or Company Website? Here Web 2.0 Sites comes into picture. Think once Guest Posting in a blog owned by you is much stable then a blog owned by Someone else.


The above Sites are some of the popular Web 2.0 Sites. Explore these platforms and Create your Blogs like jharaphula.mystrikingly.com or onestopshop87.godaddysites.com. Add 2 to 3 pages like Main Page, About us, Contact us, Blog or Services. Then generate Contents with 1000 or 1200+ words by your Content Developer Team followed by all basic On-page Optimization factors. Sub-headings to placement of links in Article do carefully as per your business need. As these are the HTML pages you can add any type of links with your articles. While publishing doesn’t forget to add meta title and description.

In above I tested and shared 17 top rated web 2.0 sites. By working on these platforms your blog can have more than 100 to 120 do-follow or no-follow lifelong links. Which can boost your domain authority as well as visibility of your business. Additionally, you can be the blog owner of 17 web 2.0 blogs.

Skills for Creating Blogs in Web 2.0 Sites

To create successful web 2.0 sites you need basic HTML and CSS knowledge. Additionally, it’s much better if you know any image editing tool like photoshop or gimp. The list of Web 2.0 Sites I shared above some of them need HTML files and some of them Can be created using their website builder. While creating the domain keep your business-related keywords with web 2.0 extension.

Give tier 3 Backlinks

Once your article published successfully in your web 2.0 blog, share the live link in various Social medias, Blog Commenting Sites, Forums and if possible in your Blog or Company Websites. This activity helps the newly created web 2.0 article page to index quicker in Global Search engines. In other words this activity is called “tier 3 Backlinks”. For an example my blog url is “https://myblog.com” which is inside an Article “https://jharaphula.weebly.com/on-speaking-and-english-language-education”. Then you shared the article in Twitter with the url “https://twitter.com/jharaphula/status/1737027828447621404”. Here if you are Creating backlink for this url “https://twitter.com/jharaphula/status/1737027828447621404” it also helps in ranking too.

Tricks to choose keywords for deep link during Free Guest Posting

Google loves content rich articles. While publishing its a best practice to go for 1000+ words articles. Deep link is a link which exists inside the Content and pointing to your business link. While choosing anchor text for deep link take the help of Google keyword planner. Analyse and study well before decide the anchor text for a do-follow link. For an example you want to rank a keyword “healthcare tips for kids”. While placing the contextual link in your Web 2.0 free Guest Posting sites follow the below anchor pattern.

<a href=”https://yourbusinesslink.com” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>healthcare tips for kids</a>


Don’t under estimate the power of a link. Here followed by this article if you work you will get more than 17 blogs as well as 100+ referral link from various domains. Which will boost your domain authority and network. Web 2.0 blogs are googled friendly. Once you successfully created the blog in 3 to 5 months the blog will index in Google.