Paragraph Writing Examples to improve Writing Skills

To improve your writing skill in English Paragraph Writing is a key skill. Paragraph Writing helps to improve vision to write on any topics, it fixes grammatical errors & gives broad idea about translation. In this session I am sharing few Paragraph Writing Examples to improve Writing Skills. Refer them & Create you own for practice.

Paragraph Writing Examples

The Library of your College – Our college library is situated at the eastern corner of the main building. It is a big hall partitioned by wooden boards. In the large part of the hall, there are bookshelves containing books of various subjects. There are also reference books like Encyclopaedia Britannica, 12-volume oxford English Dictionary and Dictionary of Modern Thoughts. Books have been classified subject wise and there is a catalog through which students select books of their choice. The library also has a fairly big space earmarked for students’ Reading Room and there is a separate room for the teaching staff. The staff of our college library are very friendly and cooperative. Our library is very useful for the knowledge-hungry students.

The people waiting for a bus at a bus stop – It is interesting to watch people waiting for a bus at a bus stop. If the bus is expected to arrive at the bus stop at 9 a.m. the passengers begin to reach the place from 8a.m. There are various types of passengers. There are families with women and children, and there are old men and women. There are students and businessmen as well as service holders and poor rustics. They keep waiting and to spend the time, some buy pan and cigarettes, some take groundnuts and other eatables while some are engaged in chatting and gossiping. The bus which should reach at nine is generally late by at least half an hour and this makes the waiting awfully boring. People become restless and impatient. Finally when the bus arrives, the waiting passengers eagerly board the bus and heave a sigh of relief.

Your college common room – Our College has two separate common rooms, one for the boys and the other for the girls. The boy’s common room is a big spacious room with a number of wooden benches and a few tables. We go and sit and spend our leisure hours in the common room, gossiping or singing or playing indoor games like chess, judo and carom. Common room is a place which provides scope to the students to interact with both their juniors and seniors and thus helps in fostering a spirit of love and friendship for each other. Unfortunately, in many colleges, there is no common room for lack of space. But the college authorities should realize that a common room in a college is not only a resting place, but a community center where students can engage themselves with various discussions and activities.

A roadside Tea-vendor’s shop – A roadside tea-vendor’s shop is a familiar sight in all cities and towns. It functions without any permanent building or shed. It hardly has any furniture except for a bench or two for the customers. The tea-vendor carries whatever he needs everyday to the chosen place. His possessions generally consist of a table, a few glasses, a tumbler or two for storing water and of course materials to prepare tea. Some tea-vendors also sell biscuits and other dry eatables displayed in glass jars on the table. Passers-by mostly belonging to the poor and middle class, are his customers. Sometimes, young men, who have nothing to do, stand around the stop to idle away their time by consuming a few cups of tea.

The religious festival you enjoy most – The religious festival I enjoy most is the Durga Puja which is a five-day festival. It is generally celebrated in the month of October. We enjoy a long vacation of about fifteen days on the occasion of the Durga Puja. Our town wears a festive look with a large number of the images of Goddess Durga installed on intricately decorated platforms in various areas. People wear new dresses and come out of their homes to go round the puja pendals and participate in the fairs and festivals. In the evenings, the puja pendals are gorgeously illuminated by electric lights and the whole town dazzles in brightness as huge crowds throng the roads and hawkers and shoppers display large varieties of goods and commodities. Every year, I look forward to the Durga Puja celebrations when I will be able to enjoy holidays, celebrations, delicious food and new clothes.

A calculator – A calculator is an electronic device for performing mathematical calculations. It can be held in the hand. A large number of numerical problems relating to addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square root and decimal system can be easily solved without any mental strain. many complicated calculations can be done by touching the keys on the calculator. These days it has become a very common possession for most of the ordinary people and particularly for traders and businessmen.

A wedding procession – A wedding procession is a ceremonial journey of the bridegroom to the bride’s house to solemnize marriage. The bridegroom is carried in a beautifully decorated car in the company of a large number of friends and relatives, who go in a procession. The procession is headed by a band party which plays gorgeous music as young and old, men and women dance to its tunes. Bright fluorescent lights illuminate the procession. The bridegroom’s car is followed by other cars which move slowly as dance and music create a mood of joy and festivity. Fireworks of various kinds are also displayed during the bridal procession as people on the pavements and persons from roof tops and through windows and doors love to watch them. These days, the marriage processions pose a threat to the public because firstly a lot of young men engage themselves in vulgar dances after getting drunk, and secondly the fireworks create the danger of injuring the passers-by. But this does not mean that the marriage processions should be stopped. Wedding processions are an essential part of the rituals of marriage. A wedding procession is indeed an occasion of great excitement, and for the bridegroom it is an unforgettable experience that comes only once in a lifetime.

Mending a puncture in a bicycle tube – When a bicycle tube is punctures; it is taken out of the wheel and the Tyre. Then the precise point of puncture is located by moving it inside a bucket of water. At the point of puncture, water bubbles come up. This point is marked and then the small area around the puncture is cleaned and filed. A piece of rubber is then cut into a round shape and gum is applied to it. This piece of rubber is then pasted on the area of puncture and the puncture is sealed. Then the gum is made to dry and the tube is filled to the Tyre and the wheel of the bicycle.

A clinical thermometer – A clinical thermometer is an instrument for measuring the temperature of human body. It is a thin glass tube containing a special liquid, generally mercury, that rises and falls as the temperature of the body rises or falls. The tube is calibrated in celsius or farenheit. Generally, the body temperature is measured in farenheit. The ideal body temperature for a normal person is 98.4° Farenheit. By using a clinical thermometer, the body temperature is ascertained and if it is about or more than 100°F, it is assumed that the person is suffering from fever. The body temperature is measured by placing the opaque part of the thermometer below the tongue or under the armpit for about two minutes. A clinical thermometer is the most basic and essential equipment for a doctor. Nowadays, we also keep it in our house so that whenever we feel feverish, we can measure our body temperature.

Making a telephone call – For making a telephone call, the first thing we have to find out is the telephone number. It is alright if it is available with us. Otherwise we have to consult the telephone directory for the number. After obtaining the number, we have to lift the receiver from the telephone and hold the ear-piece end of a receiver near our ear. This will automatically put the mouth-piece close to our mouth. Then we have to dial the number as soon as we hear the dial tone. If we hear the telephone ringing, we have to wait until the person whom we are calling, lifts the telephone and says ‘Hello’. Then we can start talking.

A moped – A moped is a type of small and light motor-cycle whose power does not exceed 50 cc. It can take a maximum speed of sixty kilometers per hour and its fuel tank can hold about three to five litres of petrol. A moped does not have gears. Now-a-days, mopeds are the most popular and reasonably cheap mode of transport and are convenient and safe. There is a wide range of brands available in the market and they come in various cute designs and attractive colours. In India, the most popular brands of mopeds are Luna, Hero Puch and Scooty. The Luna is so popular that most people call any moped by this name.

A road accident you have witnessed – It was around ten in the morning and everyone was in a hurry to reach the workplace. Two wheelers and four -wheelers were speeding along the road. Suddenly, a pedestrian, while trying to cross the road, came in front of a Hero Honda motorcycle. It was in high speed, and despite the rider’s desperate attempt to stop the vehicle, it dashed against the pedestrian. He fell down and the motorcycle ran over his right leg. People gathered around the spot. The motorcyclist tried to defend himself as people began to rebuke him and blame him for the accident. Some eye-witnesses also careful while crossing the road. After a few minutes, a mobile police van arrived. The pedestrian, who was a middle-aged man, was carried by the policemen to the hospital. The rider of the motorcycle was taken to the police station.

A game of football – Football is a very popular game in India. It is played by two teams with eleven players on each side. Of the eleven players, one is the goal keeper who stands at the goal post to prevent the ball from entering the goal post. There are two full backs who are the chief defenders. Then there are half backs and there are forwards at the centre and on both sides. They try to drive the ball towards the other side and try to score a goal.

Rain on a summer afternoon – It was indeed a great relief after the simmering heat of summer when it rained heavily in the afternoon. This summer, the temperature in my town went up to 46 degrees celsius. The days were so hot that I could not concentrate on my studies nor was it possible to go out in the daytime to meet friends. The rain in such afternoon has cooled the air. I was so thrilled that I stood on the open and got myself fully drenched. The rain continued till late evening and the drizzle continued throughout the night. Thank God, I will have a nice and comfortable sleep after several days of disturbed sleep due to heat and sweat.

A refrigerator – A refrigerator is a metal or plastic cabinet fitted with a mechanical device which keeps its inside cool at a very low temperature. The machine is run by electricity. A refrigerator is generally used to preserve food and drinks for a long time by keeping them at low temperature. It cools and freezes whatever we store in it. The deep freezer of a refrigerator produces ice. Fish and meat too can be preserved in the freeze for many days. The refrigerator has a number of shelves inside its cabinet to keep pots and containers. It has a separate compartment at the lower end to store vegetables and fruits. The inside of the door has space for putting bottles and storing eggs. Today, a refrigerator is an essential household item. Refrigerators are available in various sizes and attractive colours.

Making kakra pitha – First, take the required amount of maida flour and add oil, water and salt as required. Knead the dough till it becomes soft. Now roll the dough into small circles like puries. Then take already scrapped coconut and fry it with sugar and spices. Use this fried coconut as stuffing and wrap the rolled dough into semi-circles and fasten them by pressing with a key. Now deep fri these in refined oil till they turn red. After they cool down, they are ready for eating.

Television – Radio brought us voice and television has added vision to it. We are already in the age of television. The British scientist J.L. Baird invented television in 1923. Television brings us close to the real world outside. On the T.V., we can see theatre, film, musical programmes, cricket and everything that happens in the world including the spaceman roaming and loitering funnily in the space-ship. Now a days even villages have TV sets in homes and community centres. Villagers now have the opportunity of acquainting themselves with the latest techniques of farming through watching T.V. programmes. Educational programmes on the T.V. are of immense use to the students. Todays, television is the most popular source of entertainment.

An interesting event in your life – Last summer, when I was in the village, I had been to a big pond. I left my shirt and a few other things on the landing I felt refreshed after about half an hour in the water. When at last I got up, I found, to my horror, the shirt was missing. I left in its pockets my purse and my wrist watch. I looked about anxiously. Suddenly I found a red and wrinkled face looking down at me through the branches of a tree. The shirt was fluttering from one of its braches. At first, I didn’t know what to do. Then an idea struck me. I made a grimace at the monkey. He did exactly the same. I shook my fist at him. He imitated me this time too. I next rolled up my towel and threw it at him. He rolled up my shirt and threw it at me. I now took the shirt and ran back home as fast as I could.

A cat – A cat is a domestic animal. They belong to the family of tigers, leopards and panthers. Cats are distinguished by wonderful flexibility and strength of spine, perfect mechanism of the claws, a small supple head, swiftness of movement and grace. They are splendid climbers and jumpers. They have thirty teeth, rough tongue and long whiskers. The pupils of their eyes expand and contract according to the light around them. Cats give birth to four or five kittens whose eyes remain unopened. The eyes are always blue at first, changing gradually later on to green or yellow. Cats can have various colours of skin such as black, brown and white. Cats generally love to eat fish and they kill rats. A cat generally weighs between one and two kilograms and its average height is around fifteen centimetres.

A quarrel in a street – It was office time. There was large crowd waiting for the town bus. The footpath was totally blocked and people had to use part of the road for standing space. As every one was eagerly looking for the town bus, there was a sudden noise. A motor-cyclist while passing by that road slightly hit a middle-aged person waiting for the bus. The person fell down and suffered from minor bruises. He stood up and started abusing the motor-cyclist. The motor-cyclist, a young man, retaliated by saying that the person had no right to stand on the road. The two began to shout at each other and others joined in taking one side or the other. Some went to the extent of asking the motor-cyclist to pay money to the person for going to the hospital. Gradually the quarrel took the shape of coming to blows. There were a few among the crowd who tried to bring about compromise on the “forgive and forget” principle. In the midst of shouts and counter-shouts, two town buses arrived in a row and the waiting crowd rushed into the buses leaving the motor-cyclist behind. The person who was hurt also got into one of the buses and this the quarrel that continued for about fifteen minutes came to an end.

Roadside hawkers – Roadside hawkers are those who set up their make-shift stalls on the pavements to carry on their trade and business. We come across roadside hawkers of various types. Some sell ready-made garments while some of them repair tools and other things. Some are there to mend locks and make duplicate keys while there are some who make cotton mattresses and pillows. In fact, their wares include all possible things in the world. The roadside hawkers not only make the road look ugly, but also create some serious problems. Traffic movement is disrupted, often leading to accidents. Pedestrians cannot walk freely along the footpaths. Occasionally, the government tries to evacuate the roadside hawkers who are both a help and nuisance. They are sometimes immensely useful while they also create problems by blocking the roads.

The locality i live in – I live in a house which was built by my grand’s father in one of the oldest localities of our town. It is an old fashioned house, but is still strong enough though it calls for occasional repairs. The locality I live in has a population of about three thousand. The chief occupation of the people in my locality is small business. Some of them also work in offices and business establishment. The houses of my locality are built in a row. Most of the houses are very old and their present condition is the result of divisions and subdivisions of big houses through three or four generations. The road that passes through the locality is too narrow with just enough space for a car to go. The road gets muddy during the rains. There is an lower primary school in the locality and recently the municipality has set up a medical dispensary. There are a few small shops selling groceries, pans, cigarettes and snacks. There is a big banyan tree at one end of the locality which is said to be more than one hundred years old. A platform has been built around the tree on which poor people of the locality relax and often play cards and other indoor games. On the other end of the locality, there is a small temple that houses a goddess who is supposed to be the presiding deity of the area.

My Hobby – Philately is my hobby. I love collecting stamps. It was on one of my birthdays that my uncle presented me with a nice stamp album. That was the beginning of my interest in stamp-collecting. Now my stamp album has stamps of almost all major countries of the world such as England, the USA., France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Itlay, Japan, Sweden Poland and Pakistan. Some stamps commemorate eminent personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindra nath Tagore, Abraham Lincon and George Washington. Some stamps illustrate great national and international events such as the Olympic and the Asian games. Some have been issued on great historical occasions such as man’s landing on the moon. Some stamps are very colourful and bear the pictures of birds, beasts, mountains and lakes. It took me long years to collect all these stamps. I add to my stock almost everyday. I am proud of my stamp album which has got several awards for its wide range and variety.

A roadside dhaba – A roadside dhaba is generally situated away from the din and bustle of town or a city and along the highway through which pass long-distance trucks, buses, cars and other modes of transport. It is a hotel and a restaurant. One can see tired truck drivers lying down on rope-woven cots in the open sky during all hours of the day. Various kinds of food are available in a dhaba. Most people generally prefer rich preparations of chicken or mutton or fish which are cooked quite nicely in the dhaba. Sometimes some people drink liquor and spend their time eating, gossiping and even sleeping in the dhaba. A dhaba is a shed with simple arrangements of wooden benches, tables, chairs and rope-woven cots where customers eat, take rest and sleep. The dhaba is a familiar sight on the national highways and is of immense benefit to drivers and passengers who travel long distances on the highways.

A bicycle – A bicycle is the cheapest mode of transport. It has two wheels. The rim of each wheel is held in proper shape by a number of spokes which are joined to the rim from a spoke-holder at the centre of the wheel. The wheels are fitted with tyres. Inside each tyre, there is a rubber tube. This tube has a valve through which the tubes are properly inflated with air .Besides the two wheels, a bicycle has a chain and pair of pedals. When force is applied on either side of the bicycle by propelling the pedals by feet, the chain transmits this force to the wheels and thus the bicycle gets moving. There is a handle on the front part of the bicycle which helps to control its movement. The handle is also attached with brake levers for each of the two wheels. The bicycle has a seat for the rider and a stand which helps to keep the bicycle in a standing position when it is not used. A bell is fitted on the handle of the bicycle which acts like the horn of a motor car. The bicycle is the cheapest form of transport and is available to the common man at an affordable price.

Sending a letter by registered post – Put your letter into an envelop and close it with gum. Write the name and address of the person, to whom you want to send the letter, on the envelop, also write your own name and address. Go to the post office and give your letter to the person at the registration counter. If the services in the post office are computerised, he will weigh your letter, ask for the charges and give you a computerised receipt. Otherwise, after weighing your letter, he will advise you to buy stamps of required amount and to stick them on the envelop. Then hand over the stamped envelop to him and he will give you a receipt.

How to cook rice? – Wash the rice well and soak it in water for sometime. Put some water in a pot and heat it till the water boils. Pour rice into the boiling water and allow it to boil for some more time till the rice turns soft. Then drain off the water from the pot. Now rice is ready.

A fountain pen – A fountain pen is a type of pen which has a barrel, a nib-holder and a cap. The inside of the barrel is filled with ink and then the nib-holder is screwed tightly on the barrel. The nib-holder has a nib which is held tightly into the hole of the holder by the help of a tongue. The ink from the barrel flows into the nib which enables the pen to write. A fountain pen has a cap which protects the nib. The use of fountain pen is now diminishing with the widespread use of ball point pens.

A pressure cooker – A pressure cooker is a strong hermetically sealed pot in which food may be cooked quickly under pressure at a temperature above the normal boiling point of water. It is generally cylindrical in shape. It has various sizes depending on its capacity. The sizes range from one litre to large ones of the capacity of more than twenty litres. The body of the pressure cooker is made of aluminium and a handle generally made of plastic material is attached to it. The cooker is closed by a lid which has a vent tube on it to allow the excess steam to get out of the cooker. A vent weight is attached to the vent tube which produces a whistling sound as it gets lifted by the pressure of the steam. The whistle actually indicates that the food is cooked. There is also a set of separators which can be placed inside the pressure cooker. The separators are used to cook more than one item simultaneously.

Sending a money order – The first thing to be done to send a money order is to get a prescribed form from the post office and fill in the form, clearly mentioning the name and address of the addressee and the amount of money to be sent. Then the filled-in money order form along with the amount to be sent is given to the person at the post office counter specially earmarked for sending money orders and registered letters and parcels. The man at the counter issues a receipt and then he arranges for the despatch of the money and the filled-in form to the addressee through the procedures followed by the postal department The money and the form reach the addressee post office which delivers the money to the addressee through the postman. The addressee is asked to acknowledge the receipt of money by putting his signature on the form. A portion of this form is sent back by post to the sender to let him know that the money has been duly delivered.

Making a glass of lassi – First take some curd and milk, and pour them into the container of the grinder. Put some ice and sugar into it, and then grind the mixture till it turns foamy. Pour this solution into a glass tumbler and garnish it on the top with cherry, chocolate powder, grated coconut, cashew-nut and dried grapes. The chilled lassi is now prepared.

A journey by train – As soon as the summer holidays commenced, I and a few of my friends decided to go to Delhi by train to spend a few days there. We booked our tickets in the Purusottam Express. We boarded the train at about 10 in the evening. We found out our berths and since it was already bed time, we slept on our berths. Early in the the morning, when we woke up, we found ourselves passing through the state of Bihar. No one on the platforms understood our language and so we had to manage to buy our breakfast by speaking in Hindi. Inside our compartment, while many from our state were going to Delhi, there were also many others from other parts of India. The compartment appeared like a miniature India of many languages and cultures. We went through many railway stations, took our lunch, tea and dinner from the pantry car attached to the train and finally reached Delhi. The journey by train was an extremely interesting experience. We had the opportunity of meeting varieties of people, eating varieties of food and listening to varieties of language.