Resources to use in your Professional Student Biography Writing

Most people do not understand the importance of writing a professional bio. As such, they do not see the need to write one until asked. It is one of the less difficult items to come up with given that you access the right resources.

To write a good student biography, you need to get inspiration and guidance from the right places and people. However, where is the right place to look?

Where should I look to get a good student biography?

There are plenty of sites that offer biography writing services. Most require that you part with a few pennies there are some that provide the services for free. A student bio, is not the easiest to come up with, as such, it is paramount that you look in the right places to get the needed help.

Sites that offer biography writing services charge a fee per biography page, per word or according to the difficulty or importance of the biography.

Sites that offer free student bio writing

Some selected sites offer student biography writing services and tips for free. They include:


TemplateLab is on site that can prove very useful to students. For those students who are clueless about where to start, Templatelab offers you a quick solution. It has some templates, each different style that will help you come up with an excellent biography.

What you must do is go to the website, and the rest is laid out for you.


It is not necessarily a biography writing site, but it offers a variety of biographies that give an insight into what you require. As such, it is an ideal site that will assist any beginner when writing them.


BioTemplates is a fantastic site for every student who needs a biography. It offers both personal and professional templates; and better still, all you need to do is to fill in the blanks to come up with an amazing professional biography.

4. Offers multiple Templates

The site offers multiple templates for all students to work with; regardless of the type of model that you need. It is a fantastic site that will surely meet all you need. With a captivating and straightforward interface, it is easy and quick to use.


Coschedule is a site that offers you insight into what is needed when writing your professional bio. It equips you with what is required to come up with an outstanding bio. I also include templates and tons of examples that will help with your biography.


Sweetsearchbiographies is a database for many biographies for most known individuals. However, when using the site be careful to differentiate between professional and personal memoirs; most will be personal biographies.


Under the section of careers, Tutsplus offers you a variety of templates to assist you with your biography writing. Though not entirely dedicated to biography writing, it is an excellent aid to your biography writing problems.

Professional view on student biography writing

The best personal biographies are as a result of hard work and dedication. You know yourself better, and as an individual, you are better placed to write your bio compared to a second party.

The critical thing to remember is to include information only relevant to your academic life; it a common mistake among students.

Concluding remarks on student biography writing

There are plenty of sites offering personal biography writing help, most requiring a fee. However, the above will help you with your own biography writing needs. You should, however, remember that it takes practice to perfect your writing.