Mobile-first Ranking Core SEO Strategies for better user experience

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential aspect of digital marketing, which helps in increasing website traffic by optimizing web pages for search engines. The trends and strategies in this field keep changing year after year, and it is crucial for SEO experts and businesses to keep up with these updates. If you have been looking for what’s new in 2021, here are the most advanced SEO strategies to learn this year.

Website Design is Crucial

Your website gives the first impression to the customers, so it should be structured well with different categories. It should be user-friendly and not technical. It is essential to use simple words to explain the content about the product or service you offer so that even laypeople can understand. The best SEO Company in India always emphasizes on website structure. The website designing process shouldn’t be over-done. Keep it simple and elegant.

Well-Researched Keywords

Keywords have always been important in SEO and continue to rule the list of advanced SEO strategies as well. Use them wisely in an organic manner. Don’t overuse or under-use them. Ensure that the keywords are uniformly distributed throughout the article without over-crowding them in a single part of the article.

Try searching for keywords that are trending and widely searched. Based on the preference, you can select the best choice of content. The choice of keywords can help you in increasing website traffic. Some of the best SEO tools for keyword research are SEMrush, Moz, and Uber Suggest.

These apps will help you in providing insights into you as well as your competitor’s website and webpages.

Social Media Marketing

The importance of social media marketing cannot be stressed enough as a great SEO strategy for the year 2021 when social networking is at its peak. Post your content on various social media platforms. The world of social media is growing and attracting more users every day. It will help in increasing brand value. You can contact various influencers and ask them to promote your product. This will also help in attracting more customers within a limited period.

Influencer marketing is also at its peak and hence will contribute a lot to social media marketing. Social media is the best place for advertisement as the audience reach is very high. It is also an accessible medium for connecting with people. All agencies that offer SEO services in India would vouch for social media marketing as an advanced SEO strategy.

Focus on Video Contents

The market for video content is enormous. SEO professionals have started focusing on video content, and undoubtedly, they have got positive results.

The visuals attract more people, and they are also interested in it. People find videos to be more relatable and share it with their friends or colleagues.

Many companies have already started creating video content, so the competition is also rising. Video content is a higher level of SEO and has promising gains. The keywords must be used in the title and introductory paragraphs or captions.

Mobile-First Ranking

Mobile-first indexing is fundamental. This refers to the compatibility of the website on phones, tablets and other such mobile devices.

A maximum number of people use phones for web-searching, and hence the website must be compatible with mobile phones.

The website should be lag-free and must not have any bugs. It should not take a lot of time to load. Try developing sites that will not consume a lot of internet space. Many renowned websites have a lite as well as a standard version for this purpose.


Build good quality backlinks of high domain authority. This adds to the credibility of the website and gains a higher rank. Backlinking is a fundamental criterion for increasing the domain authority and page authority of a website.

It is beneficial to get backlinks from genuine websites and people. You must improve the quality and quantity of backlinks. Irrelevant backlinks will decrease your page ranking.

Auditing Old Contents

After creating new content, don’t forget about the old. Your old content must also generate traffic. Try reviewing your article once in six months and edit it with suitable trending keywords. Re-optimizing is one of the smartest ways of attracting traffic.

In this way, your old and new will generate good traffic. Also, while reviewing, you can remove the dead links, change the references, improvise the examples, and update it. Renewal of content is necessary for a webpage or website.

SEO has had a crucial role in ranking website for more than a decade now, though it’s essential to update the strategies from time to time. The above-discussed strategies are the right ones to use for 2021. Follow these for SEO success.