Proper Guidance to follow for improve your Writing Skills

Writing skills is an essential skill that everyone will require daily. Although this skill does not come naturally to everyone as writing well can be difficult. You can not become a great writer overnight. You will have to learn the art of Writing Skills.

As we all know, most businesses and offices run their various activities on writing from daily reports, proposals, emails, and many more. Today only through email, workers compose close to 40,000 words per year. Since a lot of our daily communication relies on the written word, you will have to get better at writing.

No matter your reason for writing, these are some essential tips can that can help you write effectively. If you are an online essay writer these tricks can be useful for you too.

Don’t Write and Edit at the same Time

You don’t have to get stuck on every word or sentence you are writing. You don’t have to delete through all your text, as you will never finish with your last page. Instead of deleting and doubting your writing, you should differentiate your editing and writing time. Spend double the time you spent on writing on editing. You can refresh yourself by stepping away from your writing for a few days to get a refreshing view. Never forget that good writing is based on rewriting. While doing this, your work can be shaped into a brief and robust product.

Avoid throat-clearing

Once you commence writing, you must avoid unessential blabbing and intros in your writing. When you are doing research online for your work, there are lots of information. You can practice your writing by discarding the nonsense. You can make your sentence assertive as possible and try avoiding qualifying words like instead, very and little. You can substitute such words as advised by Mark Twain with only what is essential. If your work looks as though there is much throat-clearing, erase your initial few paragraphs, and check if the writing is much clearer. Most times, when you make use of a lot of puffy words, your content can become lost and lifeless.

Sharpen your Writing Tools

It is commonly said that for you to become a good writer, you must first be a reader. Reading is one of the significant ways to sharpen your writer’s toolbox. Reading is also one of the easiest ways to be familiar with varieties of writing styles and generate new ideas. Do well to follow and read up articles on writing techniques and style guides. You can make use of a well-developed vocabulary. It is a lot easier when you have an extensive vocabulary to pick from when writing.

Make use of Grammarly

Grammarly can help with all of these points listed above. Grammarly helps you write concise and clear sentences, improve your grammar, and enable your delivery to be what you desire.


Having read through this article, ensure you have these tips in mind when next you are writing. So you can have excellent writing time. Lastly, don’t forget to make use of Grammarly as it can also help you check for spelling and grammatical errors.