7 Tips from Professional Experts on Impressive Essay Writing

If you explore the Internet, you will get to see various essay writing tips penned down by various authors. But have you ever come across tips shared by professional expert associated with an Impressive Essay Writing service? Well, you are about to in this blog. The experts write essays on a daily basis. Their job is to help the students secure exemplary grades. As you can imagine, the tips shared here are verified and effective. I have interviewed three most sought-after professional experts, and I’m sharing their guidelines here. Just read on.

For Impressive Essay Writing you should:

1. Focus on Improving your Grammatical Knowledge

First and foremost, make sure you understand the basic grammatical principles. You must go through 8 parts of speech such as verbs, nouns, pronouns, adverbs, adjectives, and so on. You may be an expert in these areas, but it never hurts to brush up. Who knows, maybe you get to learn something new?

Next, you need to know about phrases and clauses, tenses, subject-verb agreement, sentence construction, etc. It is wise if solve grammar worksheets regularly. Once you do that you should start writing essays. At least, you will be grammatically sound.

2. Read Books and Other Materials

In order to avoid writers’ block, you must constantly keep on reading newspapers, magazines, story books, etc. Basically, you will be collecting ideas, getting an insight into the subject matter, and also taking a look at the writing styles of various authors.

In addition to this, you should go through blog posts, follow websites (based on niche), and watch YouTube videos. Make a list of all the interesting domains and essay prompts. If you are new to essay writing, you should start by choosing one idea from the list. You can refer to various online examples to get an idea how to write it. The more you practice, the more you will learn.

Now, we come to the actual writing part.

3. Select an Intriguing Story

If you wish to earn good grades, you must create an exciting title. Most importantly, you have to choose a catchy topic. The topics should be trending and have a broad scope for discussion. For instance, you might talk about the impact of COVID-19 on business or the success results of the COVID vaccines. As you can see, you have a lot to talk about such as the measures adopted, supply chain, sales, economic ramifications, etc.

Your topic should be such that it sparks the interest of the teachers. Some of the other essay topics that you can select are:

  • Banning public smoking
  • Forbidding children to play violent games
  • Changes that should be introduced in the education system
  • Upcoming technologies that will make our lives easier

Next, we move on to the essay outline.

4. Create an effective Outline

You have to abide by a template in order to present the content properly. You have to write an introduction, the body and conclusion. You can start the introduction with an interactive question, or by stating a fact or figure. Next, you introduce the topic and write the thesis statement. Following this, you mention the existing study and set the stage for the body of the essay.

In the body, you cover various angles of the topic under different subheadings. As you can imagine, it is the most vital part of the essay. Incorporate bullet points to improve the visibility of the write-up. State validated facts to support your arguments. Keep each paragraph within four lines.

Finally, you round up the essay in the conclusion. It should be extremely precise. You will get to know about it later in the blog. Usually, you write 1000 words essay for high schools, 1500-5000 words essay for undergraduate college and 2500-6000 words essay for graduate school.

5. Do not Drag the Body

Since you know what you have to include in the introduction, we will proceed to the body of the essay. Many students tend to drag the body of the essay, which is why the readers (the teachers) lose interest while reading it. You have to figure out the tone of the passage based on the audience. Moreover, you can use literary tools such as alliteration, personification, metaphor, etc.

If you use technical jargons, explain it and you have to be extra careful with your word choice. When you change paragraphs, try to insert appropriate transition words, so that the readers have a nice time ‘gliding’ from one passage to the other. Last but not least, cite sources when you validate your arguments. Your job will be to provide vital evidence in the form of graphs, facts, figures to support your thesis statement. If you wonder, “Who can write my essay?” you can take the help of professional writers.

6. Write a Succinct Conclusion

If you wish to end the conclusion on a good note, you have to write a precise conclusion. Typically, a paragraph should be enough. Here, you highlight only the crux of the essay. You restate the thesis statement, and take a final stand on the topic. Additionally, you address the literature gaps and the aspects which future writers can explore.

However, you must remember not to introduce any new angle in the conclusion. If you do that, it would confuse the readers. Also, you must not forget to add a CTA for the readers. Through the CTA, you ask the readers to take action (if there is a scope in the essay).

7. Proofread the Essay

Once you are done writing the essay, you should proofread the content properly. If you are new to proofreading, you should take the help of the proofreading tools available online. These include applications like Grammarly, Ginger, ProWriting Aid, PaperRater, Hemingway App, etc. Make sure that you get rid of grammatical, spelling, sentence construction, punctuation errors, etc.

Finally, you have to ensure that the essay is 100% original. For this, you have to use plagiarism checking software. You can rely on robust applications like Grammarly, Turnitin, Copyscape, etc. If you are short on budget, you can visit MyAssignmenthelp.com, Tophomeworkhelper.com, Allessaywriter.com. There is no stipulation as to the number of times you can use the tool and you don’t have to pay any subscription fee.

If you follow the guidelines shared above, you will surely succeed in your Impressive Essay Writing endeavor. In case you stumble upon an issue, it is better to rely on experienced professional experts.

Author’s Bio: David Logan was a former English literature professor at a reputed university in the Australia. Currently, he is the managing head at MyAssignmenthelp.com, where he supervises the English assignment help offered by the experts. Glenn occasionally trains the new academic experts.

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