The best Grammar Checking Tool for Online Writing

ProWritingAid is an online Grammar Checking Tool that allows users to develop a personal English writing style. Users can see their writing become more professional. This is a free English writing tool and works on Windows, MacOs, and Web.

How Does ProWritingAid Check your English?

How do you know when your writing has all the proper grammar that is required?

ProWritingAid is a grammar checking tool that helps you develop your personal writing style. It provides a dictionary, a sentence completion tool, a spell checker, a grammar checker and a style enhancer.

Writing online is different from writing for print media though the same grammar rules apply for both. English writing for the web is basically the same as print writing. But, the only difference is the rules that govern on the internet.

Grammar is what makes the difference between writing something well and something poor. Your grammar is your first impression of your writing.

Having bad grammar can ruin your first impression.

So, make sure you read through your writing and make them error free.

Once you have installed the application, or logged on to its web application it will automatically start checking your writing.

It is a great way to get started with writing for the web.

Free version provides the most basic tools for the beginner such as the verb checker, the noun checker, and the regular expression checker. The other tools are also free to use however you are limited to word capping of 500 words.

Grammar Checker

The regular expression checker will help you check your writing against spelling mistakes. It has also got a proofreader for even more error checking. A grammar checker is available to help you catch errors that might be caused by novice or casual writers. This is a great way to make sure that the grammar in your writing is correct. If you are looking for the text editing, then ProWritingAid is for you. It allows you to write and review your work while it is running.

Style Checker

After running the grammar checker, you can run it again to check your style of writing. It has an in-built style checker which can help you to maintain a consistent style while writing.

Style checker is particularly important for story writers and novelists. The best part of this software is its ability to suggest corrections with examples. ProWritingAid not only provides you the corrections like several similar software but teaches you also so that you can avoid such mistakes in future.

For example, instead of saying “She was able to piece together the pieces” you might want to say “She pieces together.” In this case, ProWritingAid shows you how to make your writing precise.

However, when the “was” is prefixed with the “s” verb, you may find it difficult to use this word, which is where an inbuilt dictionary tool like this comes in handy.

Another example is when you are attempting to form sentences that include pronouns like “it”. Instead of just inserting your own style, you may find it more helpful to use a style checking tool like ProWritingAid.

Moreover, it can correct people who aren’t familiar with different genres of English.

Availability of ProWritingAid

It is available for both web and desktop environments. You can also download this software as an add-on that will allow you to do these checking from your favorite writing software like Microsoft office.

A premium version costs $70 per year and you can use the same license on multiple devices.


When you give people great content to read, they will keep coming back for more. However, when you choose to be boring, you will lose the readers that you used to have. Using the best writing tool will help you write more successfully and will enhance your writing skills.