How to improve English writing Skills? – English writing Tips

Many people believe that writers are born, they are not made. It might true to a certain extent but you can see it as an absolute fact. It is quite common that even the natural and born writer find some difficulty in accomplishing their writing projects. For that reason, if you like to be a good writer, it is really important that you know more about How to improve English writing Skills. This task should be a lot easier when you can recognize your own weaknesses. That way, you can determine your main focus more easily. Describing writing skills, their importance and the way to develop them would take more than a few words. Thus, feel free to read the rest of this article to figure out all those interesting topics.

The Importance of your English writing Skills

When you learn English at schools, it is almost impossible that you miss out writing subject. It has to be one of the basic skills in English and it normally takes formative years to master it. Despite the fact that we are now living in the modern era where writing letters are no longer massively practiced, it is still considered as a vital means of communication. Written communication still covers almost 30% of communication forms at the workplace. Therefore, we still need excellent writing skills if you still care about achieving better career and business goals in your office. Moreover, writing skills are still essential in many other areas outside your workplace.

Instead of neglecting your own writing skills and leave them undeveloped, it is very important that you see these skills as an important asset in your life. There are various methods you can try to make your writing skills better. You might need to come up with more efforts in developing your writing skills but we can assure you that better writing skills will set you apart from our peers more effectively. Now, let us have a closer look at how to develop writing skills in English.

How to improve English writing Skills?

With great writing skills at hand, a pen can be a mightier weapon than a sword on your hand. Just like when you are committed to be an expert swordsman, you need a lot of practice, introspection and perseverance to be the master in English writing. Here are some methods that will take your writing skills into the higher levels.

Enjoy more Reading

If you like to develop your writing skills, it is important that you read voraciously. There are many masters of writing skills have shared their thoughts in numerous books and reading some of them might give you better clues on how to become a better writer. It is more likely that you learn how a professional and expert sculptor organize his or her raw ideas and imagination and comes up with an excellent writing result. This way, you will have a great opportunity to discover the literary techniques and narrative styles developed by those great writers. You will find inspiring and excellent ideas on how to spin the yarn of words and thoughts before creating beautiful writing arts. It would be much better if you position yourself as a pure reader by the time you read these books for the first time. When you read them for the second time, you are welcome to see yourself as a writer.

If you like to develop the writing skills of your children, you can start with reading out some stories to them. It is important that you can introduce your children to the world of books at earlier stage in order to help them comprehend better writing skills. Gifting some books and reading with them are very effective when it comes to encouraging them to read more.

More Researches for A More Credible Writing

No matter what topic you are trying to write, it is important that you can come up with a good credibility. This is where a research comes into play. Even when you are trying to write a novel or a short story, a more detailed and in-depth research will make your novel or short story more real. Doing some research is even more necessary when it comes to writing a report. You need to discover all the related facts in order to have a more credible conclusion in your report. Simply put, researching is essential in the world of writing. No matter how skillful you are, without thorough research, your writing shall be pretty hollow.

Enriched Vocabulary and Broaden Perspective

Vocabulary plays a vital part in improving your writing skills. It is almost impossible for you to go further without having enriched vocabulary in your mind. However, it does not mean that you can use your enriched vocabulary to use the big words excessively, create abstruse lines and bamboozle your readers with your own scholarship. In fact, better vocabulary will lead you to better skills in creating excellent conclusions. With an enriched vocabulary, you will be a better writer that uses the words economically and presents more optimal effects to the readers.

Great writers manage to come up with outstanding writings as they tend to have a broaden perspective on how they see this world. You need to broaden your perspective in order to capture the big picture without missing our the minor details. Thus, if you like to come up with better writing, why don’t you try to use a broader perspective in looking at some issues.

Practice your Writing

This would be another vital aspect in how to develop writing skills in English. Before you become a great writer, you need to practice your writing more frequently. You can dare yourself to write what you feel and portray your confusion on a piece of paper.

Knowing all the rules of writing in English might not be sufficient to develop your writing skills. It certainly requires you to come up with more practices to gradually improve the skills.