How to Write Good Captions for a Passage or Paragraph?

Caption means heading or title. Caption writing implies to suggest a suitable heading or title to a given passage or paragraph or a story. It requires perfect understanding of the given passage or the paragraph, choosing a suitable keyword or key-phrase and then suggesting a convincing caption using the keyword or key-phrase.

How to write good Captions?

Step I – Read the given passage or paragraph or story carefully & thoroughly as many times as you need to understand its meaning, content & significance.

Step II – Find out the keyword or key-phrase from the passage. Generally this keyword or key-phrase is found either in the first or in the second or in the last paragraph of the passage.

Step III – Finally suggest a suitable caption or title to the given passage or paragraph using the keyword or key-phrase in relation to the central idea or theme of the text. Always write the caption very briefly in capital letter. The caption should be written in such a manner that it can reflect the theme of the passage or paragraph. Though there is no word limit of a caption, but it must be short & touching. Always remember that small is beautiful. The title or caption must be clean, clear, concrete, convincing & impressive.

Caption Writing Examples

Suggest a suitable caption for the below paragraph using not more than 6 words.

Over-population has disturbed the ecological balance of the Nature. Green forests have been disappeared for cultivating more n more land to provide food to the ever-increasing population of the world. Natural resources like fossil fuel, metal ores, flora & fauna have been getting scarce day-by-day. Increasing population make a threat to the life’s of the wild animals & bio-diversity. It also causes scarcity of drinking water. Rising pollution becomes a concern in the big cities due to heavy transport & concrete forest. We have to think seriously how to check this man-made menace.



Caption Writing Exercises

1. Write a caption, in 5 or 6 words of the paragraph below:

Before starting on a long trip, you must make sure that your car is in tip-top condition. Check the tyres to see if they are worn out : if so, you should replace them. The distilled water in the battery should be topped up to the proper level or else battery may lose its charge, causing tightness. Always carry a spare headlamp bulb with you, in case the bulb suddenly fuses. Most importantly, you should carry a complete set of tools in your car, including a wrench, a pair of pliers and a set of spanners. You may not know how to use them yourself, but any driver on the road can stop to help you in case of a break-down provided the right tools are available.

2. Supply a caption for the paragraph below, using not more than 8 words.

An estimated 12 million Americans practise Yoga. There are about 450 Yoga centres in America, 50 or more in Canada and 145 across Europe, Australia and South East Asia and these figures do not include the fitness centres that teach Yogic exercises in one form or the other. Hollywood stars like Julia Roberts and Madonna are known to be regular practitioners of Yoga. Indian gurus are earning millions of dollars all over the world although little of this money finds its way to the home country.

3. Supply a caption for the paragraph below, using not more than 10 words.

Five terrorists drove into Lok Sabha precincts, through gate No. 1, in a white Ambassador car. The security guards did not stop them as the car had an entry pass on the windshield. As soon as the car stopped in front of the Lok Sabha, the five men jumped out and started firing with their guns. A policeman was killed, but the other members of the security force were able to shoot down four of the terrorists. The fifth man, who had a live bomb tied to his body, blew himself up.

4. Supply a suitable caption for the passage below, using not more than 8 words.

Several members of the ruling party have been demanding that India must take appropriate action to counter the terrorist activity which seems to enjoy the support of our neighbours. Not that even America has not advised India to “exercise restraint,” as it had done in the past, India would appear, in the eyes of the whole world, as a “soft” if it does not respond to the terrorist challenge. However, any retaliatory action by India must be carefully planned.

5. Supply a caption for the paragraph below, using not more than 8 words.

Air pollution affects our health in many ways. Large quantities of smoke and other particles in the air cause lungs-diseases including cancer. Sulphur dioxide, in particular, causes serious damage to the respiratory system. Besides, other pollutants present in the air can cause skin infections as well as infections of the eyes.

6. Supply a caption for the paragraph below, using not more than 6 words.

Trees are our best friends. They provide us with shade, food and with wood for lighting fires and building houses. They also help in causing rain and prevent the top soil from being eroded by the wind. Through them we produce papers on which we write; chairs and tables which make our furniture and even coffins to bury our dead in. Above all they are the reason we continue to breathe oxygen and enjoy the beauty of the environment. Thus from birth to death trees stand by us, thereby proving to be our best friends.