Positive and Negative aspects of Essay Writing from Psychological View

The human works like a clockwork where each passing second affects the overall function of the minute and the hour hand of the clock. Education in return may, in turn, be associated as a behavioral activity that shapes the future of the character of a person psychologically and emotionally.

Nonetheless, it remains critical to understand that the psychological point of view about aspects of education may sometimes require the knowledge and skill of an expert in the area to decipher some of the complex concepts.

The art of essay writing has been in existence for as far as many may recall the beginning of writing for educational purposes in the ancient world and the lifestyles of writing using vague methods.

The role of essay occurs beyond borders and above the segmentation of the community based on social, races and economic factors. None the less, the commonly known information about articles is that they occur written by students such as the essay writing for Canadian students.

The context below tries to highlight the positives and negative aspects of the impact of essay writing on the psychology of a person.

1. Positive Aspects of Essay Writing

The rate of spread in the number of learning institutions all over the world has been in growth since the modern world commenced the use of technology in education and its processes. The number of essay competitions all over the world remains on the rise to acting as a way of trying to improve the education standards across the globe.

Moreover, these essay competitions have an impact on the minds of the learners by affecting their order of psychologically thinking.

The positive aspect of the essay on the minds includes the creation of a reading culture in the minds of the students. The reading culture is developed through the regular practice of writing hence the minds of students remained tuned to write essays efficiently.

Moreover, the essay help writing skill allows students to express their emotions and lines of thinking through the written work.

2. Negative Aspects of Essay Writing

The negative side of say writing among students revolves about the nature in which the minds of students get changed through increased levels of thinking as a result of essay writing. Firstly, the student develops lower self-esteem from essay writing since the student only know how to express themselves through the use of words and not speaking.

When the student gets too comfortable in essay writing, they develop an attitude where they do not need to earn how to build their esteem but only express themselves through essays.

Students with low self-esteem find it had to fit in with other groups of social arrangement hence they develop worse off mental disorders. Stress and depression serve as some of the most common issues related to lack of high self-esteem.

The student should instead focus on writing custom essays and engage in social activities that involve talking to peers.


The minds of a human being are fragile hence whenever you engage in an essay writing event also remember to learn to develop your deliverable skills such as communicating efficiently. Moreover, too much of something is, and the idle mind doesn’t bring development.