Sentence Structure Exercises – Arrangement of disordered Sentences

Sometimes the steps of the process of something are given in disorder manner or in scattered way and we are asked to write the most suitable, desired and logical sequence point by point. This is called Sequencing or sequence-making.


Rearrange the sentences below, putting them in the correct order. (You need not copy out the sentences. Just write the letters, separated by dashes (b-d-c-e-a) to indicate the desired sequence.

(a) Colour the sky blue and the trees green.
(b) Study the picture on that page.
(c) Write “The End” to show that the task has been completed.
(d) Open the book on page 29.
(e) Copy the picture in your exercise book.

Answer: The most suitable, desired & logical sequence of the given sentences is : d-b-e-a-c

Sentence Structure Exercises

1. The following sentences tell you how to make a cup of tea. The sentences are not in the correct order. Rearrange them in the proper sequence. (Do not copy out the sentences in your answer book. Just write the numbers of the sentences in the desired order ,for example, (c-e-d-a-b).

(a) Pour the tea into cups through a strainer.
(b) When the water has boiled, add the tea leaves. (taking one tea-spoon for each cup)
(c) Boil some water in a pot (taking one cup for each person)
(d) Add milk and sugar according to taste.
(e) Remove the boiling water from the fire and allow the tea to brew for a few minutes in the pot.

2. Rearrange the sentences below, putting them in the correct sequence. You need not copy out of the sentences. Indicate the desired sequence by writing the letters, separated by dashes, e.g. c-e-a-b-d, etc.

(a) The innings ends when all the batsmen are out.
(b) The captains of the two teams take part in the toss.
(c) When a batsman is out, the next batsman replaces him.
(d) The captain who wins decides if his team will bat or field.
(e) The two opening batsmen start the innings.

3. Arrange the following sentences in proper order so as to make a meaningful paragraph.

(a) Suppose, I am going to catch a train.
(b) I at once stop.
(c) Belief in superstition often puts us into great loss.
(d) A house-lizard emits its peculiar clacking cry.
(e) Because the cry to lizard is regarded inauspicious for a journey.
(f) I am very much likely to miss the train.

4. Arrange the following sentences in proper order so as to make a meaningful paragraph.

(a) Tall trees, towers and electric poles are uprooted.
(b) Houses are drowned too.
(c) When cyclone occurs, wind blows at a great speed, often beyond 300 kilometers per hour.
(d) It often causes high sea waves which rush at the sea shore.
(e) These sea waves often pass over many villages about 30 kms. away from the sea.

5. Arrange the following sentences in their right sequence.

(a) It will be a very useful trip for me to know the outside world.
(b) A batch of forty students are going with our History lecturer in this tour.
(c) The Historical Society of our school has arranged a tour for a few historical places inside the state in the first week of December.
(d) The Secretary of the Society has specially requested the principal to go with the students.
(e) I will never miss it.

6. The group of sentences below make up paragraph, but they are not in the proper order. Rewrite them in their correct order to form a coherent paragraph.

(a) The day is not far off when there will be regular space flights to these planets.
(b) He is now planning to travel to Venus and back.
(c) Man has already been to the moon.