Things to know in 2021 if you are moving to Rental Home in New Delhi

Home to over 15 Mn people, who rent flats in New Delhi and even properties, the city is a place where culture, mayhem, and employment opportunities blend naturally. The capital of India has seen the rise and fall of numerous empires. This has, in turn, added value to the royal culture of New Delhi. As a result, the city has attracted a number of people seeking educational and employment opportunities.

The Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) is the leading transportation service in New Delhi that connects remote as well as famous places. The transportation service owns the largest fleet of CNG-fueled vehicles in New Delhi. Besides this, the Metro, autos, cabs, and Uber, and Ola services make it easy for New Delhites to travel to any place in the city. New Delhi holds the status as the city with proper transportation facilities.

What Kind of Lifestyle People Leads in New Delhi?

A majority of the population in New Delhi speaks Hindi (about 81%). The second-most popular language in New Delhi is Punjabi. About 7% of people in the city speak Punjabi, and 6% of people speak Urdu. Other than this, people also speak English and other regional languages of other states.

New Delhi is loved for shopping, food, historical sites and architecture. The Mughals spend a lot of resources in gifting the city with a rich heritage, and, in turn, given multiple places to explore in New Delhi. There are many businessmen residing in New Delhi, while the other prefers to take up employment from employers.

The people residing in New Delhi enjoy a blend of a different culture. The city stays awake till late. If you are a night owl, you would love to visit Hauz Khas Social, Keya, Kitty Su, Jail- Behind the Bar, Odeon Social and life at many other pubs.

What is the Food Culture in New Delhi?

The residents of New Delhi enjoy multi-cuisine food. Thanks to the Mughal, who have brought in the Mughlai food. Besides Mughlai, Punjabi is yet another popular cuisine preferred and served in the city. Chole Bhature, Chaat, Samosas, and kebabs are some of the most sold dishes, among others. Paneer is an integral part of food in New Delhi.

The popular restaurants in New Delhi serve cuisines such as North Indian, Oriental, South Indian, Japanese, Italian, Continental, Fast Food, and European.

What are the Cons of Renting a flat in New Delhi?

Typically, the city is one of the fastest-growing industrial hubs. However, air pollution remains one of the toughest combats to tackle for the residents of the city. Besides this, women safety is yet another issue encircling the credibility of the city when it comes to staying in the city. According to a recent survey conducted by the UN, about 95% of the women feel unsafe in New Delhi.

If women want to be a part of the night culture, they have to make sure that they are accompanied by a male. However, infrastructure, rich history, low cost of living, and a broad pool of opportunities are some of the bright sides that one can look at when looking for a rental flat in New Delhi.

One crucial step that every individual when moving into a new rental flat in New Delhi can take is to create a proper rental agreement, along with the police verification to avoid being a victim of any fraud.