Reasons your YouTube Video isn’t Getting Enough Views – How to Fix it?

YouTube is the biggest social media platform for videos. This is the hard-coded truth. If you wish for your videos to go viral, you have to become a YouTube creator. Becoming a creator is much easier than it sounds. However, once you become a creator, there are a lot of rules you will have to follow. You will be faced with a lot of disappointments. Disappointments like your YouTube video not getting many views. If you’re suffering from this problem, fret not.

Here are some of the reasons why your YouTube video might not be getting enough views, and how to fix them:

Your Thumbnail

Viewers are more attracted to the thumbnail than to the actual title of the video. The more attractive the thumbnail, the more the viewer is motivated to watch your video.

Fix? Make bright thumbnails that accurately represent what your video will tell the viewers. A popular trend is making weird faces and then putting those faces as thumbnails on the video.

Your video title is too Common

Of course, it is no easy feat to think of a title that hasn’t already been taken by a video on YouTube. But if you want your videos to get more views, title it with something unique. It is a fact that many videos with big titles get more views than videos with small titles. This is because big titles are less likely to be copied or to already exist.

You’re not being Reliable

If you’re wondering why people only watched your video initially – when you uploaded it – but stopped after some time, your video may be inconsistent. Beating the bush here and there will let you rank in more seconds of watch-time, but that’s it. Your video will lose its credibility and viewers will want to scroll away and watch another video instead. Make your video to-the-point, accurate and keeps your viewers always occupied.

A very easy way to do this is to make video compilations. Compilations are always an easy views-stealer.

Stick with your Theme

Be consistent about your theme. If you’re making random videos on almost anything available on the internet, there is a very high chance that your viewers will start leaving your channel. They came to your channel to watch content on one specific thing that they liked about your channel. If you remove that, why would they want to be here?

If you’re a meme channel, stick with memes. If you post AskReddit videos, stick with that. Don’t start adding Tumblr or Facebook content inside it. Viewers don’t want that.

YouTube SEO doesn’t Like You

YouTube’s search engine uses several techniques and algorithms to make sure that the viewer only watches high quality content.

If you’re not ranking in views, there is a good chance that YouTube’s SEO doesn’t like you or your video. If this does happen, the best thing you can do is get help from different extensions or learn more about YouTube SEO. There are a dozen articles on Google on this. One of the greatest tricks in the books is to buy YouTube views to trick the algorithm into ranking your videos higher on the search results page.

These may be the main reasons why your YouTube video isn’t getting enough views. However, there might be a different case as well. It is up-to-you to analyze your video and figure out what exactly is wrong.