Cost-effective or Low Insurance Cost like advantages of buying used Car

There was once a time when bullock carts were the most popular mode of transport in India. Since then India has traveled a long way. India as a nation, stepped in the motor age in the year 1898, when the first motor car rode down through the roads of the country. During the First World War around 4000, motor cars were directly imported in the country to first pace the Allied war efforts. The first motor vehicles manufacturing company Hindustan Motors was set up in the year 1942. The company played a great role in driving the motor vehicles culture in India, as more and motor vehicles were available in the market.

The demand for used cars grew overtime. As India steps into the 21st century, the demand for used motor vehicles is greater than ever. This trend which started long back has reshaped into an organized industry. Today, almost all showrooms and dealerships in India have their used car segment. Companies and dealers use advanced marketing strategies to reach out to the highest number of customers possible. Delhi being the capital of India and one of her most flourishing cities in the center of used care market in the country.

The dealerships offering used car at Delhi at low price also offer after-sales services as per the convenience of the customers. This article highlights some of the reasons why the used car market in India is booming, and the advantages the used cars offer compared to new ones –


This is perhaps the most obvious why the used car market is booming in India. A well-functioning used would cost a few times lesser than a new one. Also, if you are dreaming of buying a model that is out of the budget, then you can easily opt for a used model of the same car. On average, the value of a new car can fall up to forty percent in the first year itself. So, why invest in a new car costing lakh of rupees when you can get a used car at Delhi at low price?

Used Cars Come with a Warranty

Contrary to popular belief, used cars came with their warranty from the dealer or the company. Modern consumers do not rely solely on the verbal assurances of the dealers and showroom owners. A lot of used car dealerships have their used car certification program to determine the current condition of the vehicle. These checks are extremely strict and performed by trained professionals. So, when you buy a used car in Delhi at low price it would come with its warranty period so that you can drive hustle free.

Low Insurance Cost

When it comes to new cars, the insurance cost in the first two years is considerably high. The insurance on used car at Delhi at low price are considerably cheaper. By purchasing a used car with an accident-free history, you can save thousands of rupees on insurance premium.

No Sales Tax

Unlike new cars, which are subjected to heavy tax rates levied by the different states in India. There is no sales tax on old cars. This is another reason why so many buyers opt for certified used cars instead of buying new ones.

Low Depreciation Rates

Depreciation is the fall or dips in values of the community over time. In the case of new cars, its value can fall up to 40% in the first year itself. This is considerably high considering the amount buyers spend on purchasing them. However, things are different in care of any used car at Delhi at a low price. Used cars have very low depreciation rates. Buyers can easily resell the car without losing any money in case of any issues.

No Sleepless Nights

When you buy new care, the fear of getting any scratch or dent in the car can give you sleepless nights. After all, you are spending such a huge amount of money on the new vehicle. However, this is not the case for used vehicles. You can ride you used vehicles anytime, anywhere, without the fear of acquiring any scratch or dents.

Reliable Customization

While buying a used car, you can add on some reliable customizations, that would give your car a completely new look. You can also customize of the car without spending a huge sum of money.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

With the booming car market and roadside assistant services, you no longer need to worry about sudden breakdowns. The roadside assistance services offer you the same services as new cars. In case you have a roadside breakdown, do not hesitate to call for roadside assistance.

So, if you are looking for purchasing a new, perhaps you should give it a second thought and consider the advantages of buying a certified used car instead.